ZSUN for indigenous representation

PEREN, MAY 24 (MExN): The Zeliang Students’ Union, Nagaland (ZSUN), reminded voters in Peren district about the need for indigenous representation in municipalities and town councils. Through a press release from its President and General Secretary, the ZSUN denounced any form of unethical practices during the forthcoming ULB elections. It urged citizens to be vigilant in safeguarding the rights, aspirations and ethical values of the indigenous inhabitants of the state.

Echoing the principle of ‘Nagas by blood, not by adoption’ advocated by the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), the ZSUN declared its support for excluding Naga women married to non-locals and their offspring from participating in the upcoming ULB elections. Stressing the importance of preserving the Naga identity and cultural heritage, the Union maintained that only indigenous Nagas should be elected.