ZUF accuses NSCN (IM) of killing joint secretary

DIMAPUR, APRIL 12 (MExN): The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has accused the NSCN (IM) of being involved in the killing it’s joint secretary, Alur Seikho in cold blood. The deceased was also holding the additional post of minority affairs, a press release issued by the ZUF media cell stated on Friday. 

“It is a clear fact that the NSCN (IM) has been waylaying the movement of Alur Seikho and got him cold bloodedly killed in public space. The cowardly act simply tells the desperate attempt of NSCN (IM) against ZUF for no political reason but of bitter hatred on tribal line or for the matter against the Zeliangrong kindred people,” the press release alleged. 

Meanwhile, the Central Executive Council and all rank & files of ZUF conveyed its deepest condolences and assured the family members and the Chiru tribe that “we shall honorably commit our best possible to do good for the lost of our most beloved warrior.”

“Further, we shall ever cherish the memory of his exemplary leadership, faithfulness, patriotic courage and his unflinching commitment made for the cause of Zeliangrong Homeland. His records of valiant sacrifices and insurmountable contributions shall surely be recorded in the golden book of history of our people,” the ZUF stated.

UNC condemns 
The United Naga Council (UNC) also condemned the alleged killing of ZUF cadre identified as Alur Thoitak Chiru on April 11 at Chuangphun village, Kangpokpi district by “unknown armed outfit.” 

According to Newmai News Network, the UNC said that perpetration of violent acts and killings only heighten the collective anguish and misery. It further said justification of the same acts whatsoever will only impede "our progress toward lasting peace and justice in our land." Many precious lives were sacrificed while resisting "our oppressors from without, and had we exercised patience and compassion from within, many victims such Alur Thoitak would have been spared," it added.

UNC said it will not tolerate such acts of cowardice and brutality in "our land and we urge all democratic voice and peace loving people of the land to work and strive for a violence free society."