Current honest view of ACAUT from a Naga of Nagaland

Kevitho Kera

This will ruffle feathers but just like everybody is free to air their views since we live in a Democracy, so will I.


I was part of ACAUT core executive but for personal reasons I had to take a break. My ACAUT Colleagues should not misunderstand me for being honest about my views.


I feel ACAUT should stick to Unabated Taxation and Corruption like it was originally formed for. Yes Political solution is every Naga’s responsibility but ACAUT as a platform is focusing too much on FA. Things will get imbalanced trust me.


Yes I agree with one of the leader who said “Corruption and Unabated taxation is indirectly linked to this political uncertainty.”” If we look closely, he has some valid points but at the same time ACAUT focusing too much on political solution will disturb its focus. The ACAUT Rally was a huge success but I wish the prominent speakers talked more on the Bad roads, the dirty govt hospitals with no equipments, the erratic electricity, the backdoor appointments, etc…


Having said that no other entity is voicing out significantly on FA so is ACAUT forced to take up the issue?


Like I said, for what I wrote I will receive scathing remarks but let us reason maturely keeping emotions at bay. I expect no bouquet for these but rotten tomatoes. Let me hear you out.