• Social Change
    In the history and education of social and political movements, the evolution of the movement for social change is generally neglected and emphasis is given only to the end result. This pattern of exclusive foc
  • The irreplaceable mother tongue
    AkangjunglaThe emphasis on promoting mother tongue along the line of preserving one’s identity and heritage has develop into an essential underlining message delivered in many Naga gatherings and events. The
  • Sports Developmental Policy
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe 3rd Nagaland Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 played under the theme, “Stronger Together” has just concluded with lots to take away, and where Kohima district reaffirmed their dominanc
  • Unlocking Insights
    Moa JamirUtilise Nagaland's Civil Registration vital statistics to formulate effective state-centric policiesIt is a truism to say that education and health are complementary to each other. To this end, the hea
  • The legacy of storytelling
    Vishü Rita KrochaIn the absence of a written literature, Nagas have relied on the oral tradition of literature for many of its histories and culture. All our stories or whatever story that continues to exist t
  • Uniformity, Equality, and Privilege
    Imlisanen JamirIn the intricate dance of societal dynamics, the notions of uniformity, equality, and privilege emerge as central players, each vying for dominance on the stage of governance, legislation, and in
  • A matter of choice?
    AkangjunglaTo claim that music is the most profitable form of art will be wrong, yet it is also true that music is the most presented and the most universal. Just like any creative form of art, music manifests
  • Power Situation
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe Department of Power Nagaland (DoPN) has reported that the power situation in Nagaland is at an alarming stage caused by the “lean season and shut thermal stations exacerbating scarcity.
  • For Road Safety
    Moa JamirBridge Gap between advisory and actionIn November 2022, the Dimapur Commissioner of Police took a decisive step by imposing a speed limit on National Highway-29 and within Dimapur city, aiming to curb
  • Misplaced Blame
    Moa JamirArticle 371A should not be scapegoated for governance failureIn recent times, Article 371A, the Special Constitutional Provision pertaining to the State of Nagaland, has been unfairly designated as a h
  • Don't fall for It
    Imlisanen JamirIn today's age of technological marvels, where convenience and connectivity reign supreme, we find ourselves facing a modern scourge: the proliferation of job scams. These cunning schemes, lurkin
  • Hitting the right note with originality
    AkangjunglaIn the creative world, authenticity and originality are of great significance. Creating one’s own work, be it music, painting, dancing, song writing etc has the potential to make a difference in so
  • Is Nagaland a Failed State?
    Dr Asangba TzudirIn the early 2020s, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Libya Mali, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen have all been described as failed state
  • Left’s Slipshod
    As Nandigram continues to face violence and chaos under the regime of Buddhadeb Bhattachaya in West Bengal, the Left Front supporting the UPA government in the Centre is now clearly on the defensive. First, in
  • It's easier said…
    Imkong WallingRecently, there was a news report in one Assam daily in which the Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Hardeep Singh Puri, was quoted reportedly asking the Nagaland state government to con
  • Literature is the mirror of any society
     Vishü Rita KrochaIn the last couple of years, Nagaland has dominated news headlines both nationally and internationally. From being listed among the hottest destinations in 2024 to hosting the Asia Music
  • Eco-anxiety
    Imlisanen JamirIn a recent global study spanning 10 countries and surveying 10,000 young individuals, an alarming revelation emerged: almost 60 percent of them harbor profound concerns about the impending fate
  • Redeeming lives past religious discourse
    AkangjunglaIt is disturbing to take note of the fact that drug abuse is once again reemerging as one of the most crucial social issues plaguing the Naga society. With the rising concern of drug abuse in Nagalan
  • Beyond Proxy Teachers
    Moa JamirTackling Key Challenges in Nagaland's EducationEmployment in the government sector is a paradox in Nagaland. Most aspire to secure positions in the government sector, but once individuals achieve this
  • Preparing for the Climate Change
    Dr Asangba TzudirIssues related to climate change have been a much discussed topic at the global level especially in the context of its impact on the global world. This is also in the context of how the world f