The Voice of United Naga Democratic Party of Nagaland

N Hotongse Sangtam, President
United Naga Democratic Party of Nagaland


Our Nagaland is pathetically filled to the brim with incurable wickedness, drunkenness, immoralities and senselessness of corruption and miscreants of unqualified and visionless leaders. Our Nagaland, our society is a battle ground of our own making, where irreconcilable conflict is being fought between the forces of good and evil, right and wrong and the evils are on the winning side. Our society is passing through more precariously explosive situation than at any time of its history.


Our society is becoming increasingly insensitive to the basic realities of life. It is pre-occupied almost beyond the radius of redemption with the idols of success or fame, wealth, popularity, prestige, status, power, pleasure and what not! These are malignant tissues of society. If the tides of evils are left unchecked, we shall be swallowed up in few years’ time. Our society has never been divided and fragmented as we see now.


Military power, money power or force is not the answer to it but an understanding of one another through the love of God, the creator. To be silent at this moment of our history is a crime. We speak for Naga’ Unity, reconciliation, progress and solution to various chronic problems, but fail to realize and repent from sins of TRIBALISM. Most of our so called statehood leaders and Naga National workers are the ones who don’t have patriotic feelings and qualities of a freedom fighter. We know very well that killers and extortionists and public wealth amassers can never be genuine leaders; corrupted leaders today will not be recognized tomorrow, for they have hurt the sentiments of the innocent public and the righteous people. To ERR IS HUMAN but to embezzle public money is not just a mistake but EVIL and one of the greatest transgressions towards self-respect. Let us think logically and analyze the stagnant state of affairs from every position. Naga’s are born warriors and like a brave warrior, political issues should be faced with upright honesty devoid of business gains and narcissism. Business gain is the ultimate, for business and narcissism are also sometimes very beneficial in the work of business but to use such for political solution is a blunder.


Leadership training programs, political agendas, and meetings are numerous these days. The tragedy however is that leaders are not leaders themselves. They have simply learnt the principle of leadership from books or they happen to be holding executive positions.


Oh! People of Nagaland; let us understand that mere lip service will bring no sound environment of living standard in the land. Our leaders will only repair on the surface, leaving internal injuries. Hypocrisy and make-believe won’t do. Putting the bandage without thoroughly cleansing the wound will only become septic. The walls between the leaders must first break down.


Whether we like it or not, the present Naga leaders are more or less indirect extortionists, terrorist and criminals. Today’s problem of “Making wrong things into right and make believe”, if not dedicated to its commitment, what we do today for a solution maybe tomorrows incurable disease. Also, today’s youth problem is the by-product of leaders/elders. If the “Divide and Rule” policy of Indo-British is not good for the Nagas, then the Naga leaders should not practice it. What is the benefit of TENYIMIA UNION, EASTERN NAGALAND PUBLIC ORGANIZATION, CENTRAL NAGALAND TRIBES, and NAGALAND TRIBES COUNCIL for the Naga people as a whole? Would it not be better if there only be one solid union like- NAGALAND TRIBES COUNCIL/ UNION of Nagaland?


Dear Naga fellow friends, let us not hunt one another but let us hold one another. Let us not kill one another but let us protect one another. Should we continue our dispute/misunderstanding in the court of nepotism, separatism and favoritism? Man and woman who feel he/she is a Naga must understand that Naga’s are pure democratic republican from the beginning by the will of God. Let us retreat (not surrender) our original Naga policy for a solution/settlement and any dispute by setting up of the house/body of Naga representatives. Even Indo-Naga crisis can be settled amicably in our own court of justice and understanding. Why should we go back to Egypt? Democracy in big brother India’s context is like ‘Majority rule’ and it just doesn’t suit or fit the Naga’s. We must establish the rule/government of “Right is Might”, which is the heritage of our forefathers. We cannot afford being silent spectators, neither can we compromise with poison nor can we have the intelligence to appease social evil and error.


Accurate diagnosis is fundamental to cure. No matter how good the prescription it gives no healing if based on wrong diagnosis. God says and solemnly declares that the trouble lay within human nature itself which infects all that he does. Human nature is the root cause of all human problems and ills. Bearing a fruit is impossible without root. How can we do away with it? We cannot do it but God can. God said, “Obey me and I’ll do it for you.” Restoring of peace, making Nagaland all-round stable and sound, resourceful and a search for solution to the long standing political turmoil’s should be the main focus and the rest of the problems will solve on its own to the genuine and correct path of living in this short-lived but God given world.