Angami Students’ Union issues code for students

Kohima, April 1 (MExN): The Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has issued certain “code for students.” ASU said that such codes has been necessitated keeping in mind the wellbeing of the daily affairs of the students as “it has been brought to light that various detrimental activities are being blatantly committed by the students both outside and inside many institutions.”

Besides that, the code also covers many other factors which are contributed by the public towards such acts. The Union sought cooperation and support of everyone.

ASU stated that any students found in alcohol joints, cyber cafes or any other places in uniforms are unacceptable during the school hours. In such cases, the proprietors of alcohol joints and cyber cafes will also be equally penalized.

Students in uniform roaming about during class hours shall be thoroughly checked and monitored.

The Union stated that any students in uniform indulging in any immoral activities shall be penalized both inside and outside the school. 

Beyond that, if any threat or any form of disrespecting the teachers etc shall not be tolerated, it stated.  If any such incident occurs and if complaints are received then stern action shall be initiated against such insubordinate students.

“Any students in uniform who are found taking any intoxicants or any form of abusive substances shall not be tolerated. Such defaulting students if caught or reported and on confirmation of such acts shall be seriously dealt with,” ASU stated.

The Union informed that students in uniform below 18 years should not drive vehicles and if caught shall be penalized.

Reaffirming the standing resolution in regard to the usage of government vehicles for dropping and picking up of students from schools is totally prohibited and will be penalized, the Union stated. Any case of abuse amounting to harassment of students shall not be tolerated.

Sale of any tobacco products is strictly prohibited in and around educational institutions and violators is liable to any action by the union for the welfare of the students.

ASU has requested the public to inform the union of any such cases mentioned above or any other matters through SMS or call the Convener, Action Committee at 7308698223/8257827041.

This was stated in a release issued by Kevilelhou Zumu, vice President & Convener Grievances Cell and Thepfurüya Theünuo, Education Secretary ASU.