Community support gives boost to fight against COVID-19 in Nagaland

Food packages prepared by Angamimiapfu Mechu Krotho, Kohima for the returnees in K Badze and Meriema quarantine centres.
Food packages prepared by Angamimiapfu Mechu Krotho, Kohima for the returnees in K Badze and Meriema quarantine centres.

Various organizations, churches volunteer to provide meal to returnees in quarantine centers 

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | May 25

While considering itself as the mother of all children especially of those in Kohima, Angamimiapfu Mechu Krotho wanted to provide meals sprinkled with mother’s love for those in the quarantine centres. Having taken this decision, they started looking for pigs, knowing that the inmates would definitely like pork.

“It took us two days to get a pig from a farm and about 15 of us worked on the process of cooking and packing that took us at least 16 hours,” says Kevinurheno Seyie, president of Angamimiapfu Mechu Krotho (AMK).

Stating that it is not a joke to prepare meals for 850 people, she expresses, “we really feel for those doing this on a regular basis. There are a lot of people complaining about the food being served but we must also remember that it takes a toll on those preparing it on a daily basis.” The packed dinner packages were delivered on Sunday for the two state-run quarantine centers in K Badze and Meriema respectively.

“We were inspired by Faith Harvest Church,” she further reveals. Like many other organisations, the regular activities of AMK also stand suspended at the moment. However, even with not much fund, the members generously contributed to the cause as a gesture of showing mother’s love to those being quarantined at the centres. We were told that they are getting only basic meals, but then, how much more can the government provide? she also states.

It was learnt that there are currently 500 people in the Meriema Quarantine Centre, which has reached its capacity while 330 people in the K. Badze Quarantine Centre.

Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) had also come forward with gift packs for the returnees and frontline workers who are being quarantined at the two centres on Sunday. This includes a Gideon Bible, NBCC newsletter, face mask and other basic needs as a gesture of expressing that the returnees are being remembered in prayer. NBCC Youth Secretary, Vikuo Rhi says, “At a difficult time like this, we wanted to encourage them to pray and stay close to God besides taking care of themselves physically.”

Some of them may find the lack of certain facilities disappointing, but he strongly asserts that there is hope in God. “There is nothing impossible with God,” he affirms and further asks of the returnees to stay positive by reading the Bible, which is instrumental for one’s spiritual and mental wellbeing. Besides the spiritual nourishment in the form of bible, NBCC had also provided packages containing dry food items.

In a similar manner, many churches and organisations are coming forward to help by providing food packages easing the burden of the food committees at the quarantine centres. A member of the food committee told The Morung Express that “many churches and organisations are voluntarily coming forward to help and we are really touched by their love and concern.” “It’s not an easy task preparing food for so many people and we are very grateful,” she puts across.

Stating that they also received calls, asking what would be best to give, she says, “we are touched by their kind gestures.” Expressing her profound gratitude on behalf of the food committee, she also highlights that besides NBCC and AMK, Faith Harvest Church had provided lunch pack for four days, City Church Kohima and AG Lotha Church Kohima provided dinner packs while Baptist Mission Church Kohima committed to provide dinner for five days.

“Some have also given us drinking water and two trips of water tanker when we needed. We are overwhelmed by the positive response from all these organisations and we are also trying to compile the list of all those helping us at this time,” she goes on to say. On the menu for the quarantine centres, she says, they are serving tea and some snacks for morning breakfast, vegetarian for lunch and for dinner, she adds, “we are also trying our best to provide non-vegetarian but it all depends on the availability.” 

In the meantime, as many youths return from the cities, NBCC Youth Secretary, Vikuo Rhi states concern that not all of them may go back again. “We don’t know when things will get better but I am also deeply concerned for those losing their jobs at this point of time,” he puts across. Pointing out that the Government also cannot provide jobs for everybody, he however expresses that it must find a way to tackle the rising problem of unemployment. “We must become self-reliant,” he emphasizes while stating that the biggest lockdown lesson has been that of “work culture” and “work and eat.”