Crimson Gig Music Festival second edition held in Sazolie College

Trance Effect at Crimson Gig Sazolie College on April 23.

Jotsoma, April 25 (MExN): Sazolie College Students’ Council organised the second edition of the Crimson Gig under the theme ‘Groove to your Rhythm’ at Veneizono Hall, Sazolie College, Jotsoma on April 23. 

The event was sponsored by Eduversity, Northeast Hub, Outloud INC, Bigbite and Magdalene Coaching Centre. 
The second edition included artists such as Chuba Imchen, Audeo One Time, Kerimong & Tenjong, April Fever, New Dawn, Moonlit Riffs, Khriezhalie, Sadmen & Troubles and Trance Effect. 

The event began with a short programme where the invocation was said by Achumlo Kikon, Prayer Secretary, Sazolie College Fellowship and a welcome address was given by the Principal Dr Gopal Chetri followed by Greetings from Eduversity. 

The event was hosted Emei and Rezehli of Semester IV.