Dimapur gets home delivery of beauty services with The DoorStep Parlour

Imtimongba,  Owner of The DoorStep Parlour
Imtimongba, Owner of The DoorStep Parlour

Morung Express News
Dimapur | May 25

The lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has put an indefinite end to our ability to pop into the local salon for a quick beauty fix.
With restricted or no access to the beauty parlours or salons, citizens have started feeling the pinch of not having their hair cut or their nails and brows done.

At such a time, The DoorStep Parlour (TDS) in Dimapur which began its operations on May 13 offers some respite for customers who require beauty services on demand.

“The DoorStepParlour is a home service parlour for both men and women operating in Dimapur. Our philosophy is to go an extra mile so that we can give more convenient service to our customers at an affordable rate without compromising with quality,” Imtimongba, owner of The DoorStep Parlour tells The Morung Express.


The idea
Imtimongba, also called Samuel or Sam by his friends and family, is the brain behind TDS.

He explains how the idea for ‘home delivery’ of beauty services came about.

While recalling a meme that he came across about a girl growing a beard during the lockdown, Imtimongba also mentions that he saw a funny video by his friend appealing for beauty parlours to open for a day.

“Though it was just for fun, it became a seed for my idea,” he shares. The idea received another boost after a conversation with one of his friends who works in a parlour. “One evening, I happened to meet one of my colony friends who works in a parlour and was coming back from a home service. Through her, I came to know that all the home service charge is taken by the owner and they get paid only on monthly basis. Also due to this lockdown, there are many beauticians staying idle as their workplaces are closed. After listening to her and analyzing the current situation, I felt that I needed to do something for them. This was how The DoorStep Parlour came into existence,” Imtimongba narrates.


Affordable and convenient
‘Making Beautiful Convenient’ is the slogan TDS has adopted. “Just as we have mentioned in our slogan, we make sure that we provide quality service right at the door step without charging any extra for home service,” says Imtimongba. Apart from convenient, affordable and quality services, our staffs are well experienced and we ensure hygiene and safety measures while at work, he says.

Our staffs carries hand sanitizers and use them before and after every service, while masks are also used mandatorily, he adds.

Currently, TDS has employed two staff who caters to the customers at their homes and Imtimongba says there could be more employment of staff once they start getting more appointments.

Great response
Within a week of starting the service, the response has been great, Imtmongba shares. “We are getting enquiry about the services on a daily basis and we’ve attended about 15 customers so far. So honestly, the responses have been great and much more than I expected,” he shares.


Post pandemic prospect
On being asked about whether the business can be long-term, Imtimongba says that he is still learning about the market behavior and the parlour business. Through every day interactions with his staff, he shares his hope that the business can be sustainable even after the pandemic.

“One thing I learned from my current institute is that ‘customers do not know what they want until they see it’,” says Imtimongba who is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Raipur.

“So what I am trying to do here is to fill that gap and give a quality home service which will be convenient as well as affordable. And I believe this will sustain in the long run as well,” he says.

While the business has had its share of struggles, Imtimongba thanks his parents for the support and motivation. He was introduced to the world of business at an early age by parents who run a restaurant business and have tried their hands on different types of business.

“At first, during the planning stage they weren’t quite convinced. But after it went live and we started getting enquiries, they started to believe in this idea,” he says.

One of the major challenges for TDS has been transportation during the odd-even rule for vehicles in force during the lockdown. With the help of his father, Imtimongba has been arranging transportation for his staff to go for home service during odd days.

Currently, TDS is catering to customer enquiries and appointment scheduling mostly through its Facebook page. “Our numbers have been shared in the digital flyers on our page where anyone can reach out to us and enquire about the services. We are in the process of making a website and also developing an app so that it will be more convenient for the customer,” Imtimongba adds.