Do you support Dimapur-based civil society organisations' call for lifting of NTLP Act 1989? Give Reasons

•    For one reason, those who want to get drunk will do so. No law can stop them, for second, only the criminals will get rich. For their NTLP Act makes criminals of those who drink. For four, people like the CM Etc are not affected by the NTLP Act as their hotels etc serve alcohol openly and the police are ineffective anyway.

•    I will support.

•    Liquor prevention act have and will only result increase in corruption and smuggling. Name one state where liquor ban has solved crimes and problems of states. Sadly, this has become a norm where people are fed up of government then government blames everything on alcohol and thus fools are fooled again and again.

•    A greater number of Nagas are not socially ready yet to lift NLTP Act at least for some decades. This act should be implemented in totality. Citing examples of US or other places to lift this Act is a false equivalence. Data strongly suggest a higher crime rate associated to alcohol consumption.

•    The instant backlash by church workers on the supposed recommendation on lifting prohibition by civil societies who are very much aware of the ground reality and its effect on societal aspirations is a sorry reminder of our entitled church workers who wish to only remain confined to the four walls in their functioning. The open secret of huge financial aids and offerings to churches by wealthy individuals who are in no way industrialists or investors themselves will decrease and only the churches will lose out on easy finances and as such the church can only be vocal about a losing moral responsibility in talking about prohibition only within the confines of their four walls. A regulated economic activity backed by legislations that directs establishments for quality assurances has its limitations but it allows for more and more improvements with time as opposed to a prohibited activity which will only give rise to more and more powerful syndicates who will continue to seek for more and more profits without an iota of responsibility. They say obesity is mostly an illness owing to lifestyle choices and an acquired practice of eating easily and readily available fast food (akin to gluttony) and as such gluttony is a sin. If it is a sin, why not ban obesity also? Pot bellies were once compared to politicians and big shots and civil servants having their way with public finances to meet their wants and needs first and now church workers with their own pot bellies are the latest entrants to the list which can only be attributed to their four walls lifestyle devoid of a communicating and engaging culture and a missionary lifestyle. Prohibition is the least of the list of problems that plagues our current society. Ban social media, Ban intoxicants, Ban pornography, Ban fast food, Ban environmental pollution activities, Ban deforestation, Ban river pollution, Ban animal habitat destruction, Ban using fossil fuel run vehicles, Ban smartphones, Ban technology, Ban hoarding of wealth, Ban building bungalows here on earth, Ban wars, Ban genocide, Ban land grabbing, Ban sexual activities, Ban divorces, Ban weddings, etc. etc. etc. "Matlab, Kuch Bhi!!!!"