Every Naga should be recognised as one: KU (Myanmar)

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 22 (MExN): The Konyak Union (Myanmar) today appealed that “every Naga should be recognized as one Nagas,” while also appreciating the NSCN/GPRN (Nikki)’s statement issued on July 12 appealing against division against the Nagas, despite artificial borders. 

A press release from the KU (Myanmar) President, PM Aman and General Secretary, K Akham Honwang said that the borders between the Naga people were “drawn by outsiders” who had no concern for the Naga people. 

It affirmed that the “Eastern or Myanmar Naga still stand for Naga issue.” It reminded of the NNC coming to the Eastern Naga region in the 1950s to bring Naga Sovereignty for Naga soil without differentiating between borders lines. 

Meanwhile, the KU (Myanmar) stated that the Eastern Nagas are still living in conditions that are deprived of education, communication and healthcare facilities, as they have been neglected by both the Myanmar and Indian Governments. This cause should be recognised by West Naga people. 

“When NNC came to Eastern Naga area they did not mention or call us Myanamar Naga. They said neither Myanamr nor Indian but only Nagas,” it stated. 

However, the KU (Myanmar) rued that “unfortunately some of the Naga National leaders started calling us Mynamar Nagas from 2010.” “This is unacceptable words for the Eastern/Myanamr Naga,” it said. 

It asked all Naga political groups to recall the formation of the Naga national movement from the Eastern Konyak soil. “Public are still suffering for Naga national movement by serving in every possibilities and as per the capacity of public conditions,” it added. 

Meanwhile, the KU (Myanmar) said that it strongly objects to “illegal fund raising by individuals,” and “using suffering people for their personal maintenance.” “If any Eastern Konyak student is doing such faulty scheme, the Konyak Union (Myanmar) will take severe action,” it cautioned.