Hot blood, Cool Cucumber & Chirpy

Atongla Rothrong

Heigh ho! The Yankee Dottles have hit the road again. Boy! Was it cool? You betcha. A new spot totally and entirely opposite from the road of the madding crowd. No, it was not preplanned; the cowboys came out of nowhere and landed on my pathway. And as it is always with me and us, I pitched in. we rolled on eight wheels (2 vechs) along the road less traveled, just the hot blood, cucumber cool and chirpy me.

Whoever said three is a crowd deserves to meet up with us in order to prejudge his phrase. There was the full moon too, beaming down on us. One amazing fact is that we get our kicks and high trips just by talking to each other on anything and everything under the sun late in the night. Desperate hearts? That, we are not. Give or take a splash of a few irritating lovers in the background, we don’t care a dime, as long as we three have our weekly dose of night outs (with due apologies to whoever, whatever).

This particular night, which happened to be on Sunday, the cowgirl had decked on a mini skirt (she makes it a norm to put on girlie drabs on Sundays ‘to make my mom happy’ she says). The cowboys had a nice belly heaving session over it, but of course all in good jest so no hurt feelings, after all, one should hear the comments they hand out to other mini skirters. The cool cucumber makes for one hell of a prankster too. The whole time that hot blood and chirpy were yapping away, he coolly called up a part-time cowgirl namely Phono and said all the balderdash and hogwash tales. Was it about something exciting? That I do not know. I need to probe deeper into disclosing what it was all about. Talk about going crazy or lunatic on a full moon night, we three have been there and done that. It’s all a matter of opinion, so you guys guess whatever it is that you can conceptualize on our midnight rendezvous’. 

But one thing before you go any further, romance is out okay? Ours is a clean as in neat fun amicable togetherness that, come hell or sunshine no one can dare to ever untether. The cutest part of the episode of the night before we hit the road was, one of the cowboys’ sweetheart asking the cowgirl if she was interested in joining them (the cozy twosome) at some party they were at, not knowing that her so called lover boy had already hatched a plan for a cowboy/girl getaway. Nah! Not me, as wild and mean as I am, I would never ever poke my nose into matters private. Because, when it comes to the matters of the heart I am like aah Duh! (Once bitten, twice shy, that’s me).

And yes- often, I have been wrongly interpreted. Such things perturb me, no doubt, but I can’t help it. Especially, when I do not give a single reason for people to form a wrong impression. We three avoid intimate talks, leave alone physical promiscuity, we don’t even shake hands, we only slap each others back. I look the person that I am. Our talks are liberally interspersed with allusions. Still if people choose to pick the wrong meaning, then well, may God almighty help them. This novel bond of ours called “friendship” enchants me no end. Why can’t all people be friends like us? I deliberate at the outset and define clearly what I mean by friendship.

Those who agree stay and the rest flee.

After our outing sessions, I try to analyze my own feelings, for the cowboys. Attraction? Why, there are too many shades to that too. They are a likable friend. I love to spend time with them, when they recount their repertoire of experiences. They are so well versed that listening to them is a rich reward. Excellent companies for watching a game together or rather hang out with. I have met many men- smart, talkative, entertaining, wealthy, handsome but time and precious moments spend with the cowboys takes the cake.

Here’s one phrase that I would like the world to know about my cowboys “when all is laid to rest and done, you two are the music that plays in my heart”.

I am gonna tell you a very serious lacking thing about the hot blood and i.e.: its high time he got himself a cell phone because I can’t wait to send all those mean SMS to him, and moreover, he’s missing out on all the hot stuffs that cool cucumber and I share at the break of night fall whenever we miss to meet up.  And in the meantime, I and my cowboys need to prioritize on our schedule for the next episode of night out. But this Waiting is shredding my spirit, Fueling indecisions and Spreading like a virus. Ciao!