Imran Khan’s concerns on lack of privacy in Attock jail spark uproar

Imran Khan’s concerns on lack of privacy in Attock jail spark uproar

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Islamabad, August 22 (IANS) Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been spending his prison term in the Attock jail, where he is being subjected to serious challenges, details of which were shared after a sessions judge's routine inspection of the premises on August 15.

According to the findings based on a conversations between the judge and Khan, it was revealed that the former premier was seriously and gravely concerned about a CCTV camera, which was installed right in front of his prison cell, leaving no room for privacy. 

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief expressed his reservations over the placement of the CCTV placed in front of his cell in a position that even covered the open bathroom. 

“Imran Khan expressed grave concern over the CCTV camera, installed in front of prison bars just at a distance of five to six feet covering the open bathroom-cum-latrine, having small L-shape walls about two-and-a-half to three-feet high, leaving no privacy while defecating and bathing,” the report by Attock’s Additional District and Sessions Judge Shafqatullah Khan stated. 

Judge Shafqatullah stated that the concerns expressed by Khan weregenuine as they were in violation of Rules 257 and 771 of Pakistan Prison Rules, 1978. 

The PTI chief also complained about the difficulties his wife and lawyers have to face in order to meet him, stating that they have no easy access to him. 

As per the judge’s report, Khan’s concerns were noted and the superintendent present there was called in, who assured to redress the grievances. 

“The superintendent present there has been given assurance to redress the grievance of the prisoner. The superintendent had also assured that the prisoner shall be given access to his wife and lawyers as per prevailing rules,” stated the judge’s report. 

After reports surfaced of ill-treatment being meted to Khan, PTI supporters and rights activists have expressed their anger on social media platforms, saying it was deliberate. 

“Imran Khan has been put in Attock jail in a concocted case and a hasty decision. Why would one have a cctv camera filming the open bathroom in the prison cell? It only exposes the agenda behind Khan’s imprisonment. Imran Khan’s privacy and his life is in danger and he needs to be released immediately. This has to stop,” said a PTI supporter Verda Memon. 

Rights activists have also expressed serious concerns over the breach of privacy in prison, stating that such actions seem to be aimed at degrading Khan and trying to violate his rightful privacy. 

“It is a basic right of any prisoner to have his/her privacy in jail as per the Prison rules. And Imran Khan deserves those rights to be provided by the authorities. Such actions only raises questions over the intent of prison authorities to films prisoners and probably later use them to blackmail them. It is unacceptable,” said rights activist Tahira Abdullah.