Is the explosion of media in Nagaland leading to a more informed and conscientious public? Give reasons.

•    Yes and yet self style media also not less.

•    No. Most of the new media that is exploding in Nagaland are not trained journalists. They may end up doing more harm than good.
•    Nope. People want to know things and hate being wrong, so it's very seldom that we go check if what we know is wrong. Only Philosophy can save us.

•    There are both positive and negative aspects to this issue. On the one hand, the availability of news enables individuals from remote regions to stay informed about global and local events. On the other hand, the lack of professionalism within the state's media industry hinders its ability to deliver high-quality news, indicating a need for significant improvements in standards to ensure the provision of reliable information to the population.
•    It is too early to make any assessment. With the media explosion taking place there is unquestionably more people who are able to access the news on different platforms. But with no regulation in place, there is more chances of misuse. You tubers and influencers seem to be the ones who are helping in spreading the news but they are not journalists and so the chances of misrepresentation and sensationalising news is higher.
•    Professional Journalist feeds are appreciable but so much inept journalist are on streets lately in our state which is not so progressive for social growth.