Is the Government’s current system of enforcing ILP registration effective in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    It will definitely help the government authority to easily track down those illegal settlers in the state.

•    Only for money generator

•    Absolute failure

•    It takes years for things to get done in Nagaland

•    Enforcing in 30 days? Are you crazy? Nothing gets done in 30 days and the amount of outsiders in Nagaland is in lakh. Do we even have the facilities to get it done in 30 days? No checking was done for decades and they want to get them registered in 30 days.

•    You can see a lot of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh

•    No. Nagaland government is not in a position to implement the ILP because it does not have the institutions and systems in place that will uphold this law in letter and in spirit.

•    The Nagaland government has never been committed and sincere in implementing the ILP. In fact the RIIN exercise was a big distraction from the ILP issue. The ILP issue is very different from the indigenous inhabitant that the government is espousing. The ILP has nothing to do with indigenous and it is mandatory for all those coming from outside. The people of Nagaland, especially our GBs should not confuse between indigenous and ILP.

•    No, we need stricter policies for it. Anyone can get it from black this days. We must check in thoroughly. The Government if they are serious can hire unemployed youths of the society to keep a check on it with an understanding pay for travelling expenses and stuffs. This method will benefit us all in general.

•    Nooo everything can be bought, bend with money in Nagaland

•    No. It is only papers. There are complaints about how ILP is a business by the locals and there isn't realistic mechanism in place to curb the menace. If it was it place, things won't be this messed up.

•    A Big NO. The concerned Administrations should issue a straight warning to all the Colony councils, not to issue any NOC or Gurantor Certificate to anyone, but check thoroughly and maintain proper records of the registered people in its Councils records and not allow those who don't possess ILP to settle in its jurisdictions whoever it maybe.

•    We all know that the state government in Nagaland is not a functioning one. But in the case of the ILP, the citizens are also responsible. Our own citizens are responsible for getting people into the state in the name of employment, especially manual labour like construction workers, domestic help, and agricultural workers. This inflow of cheap labour into Nagaland is not only because of the failure of government machinery, but also because citizens of this state are also responsible for the non implementation of ILP.

•    I feel it can be effective when strictly enforced by the government, I also feel that apart from nonlocal tourists the Nagaland government should set limit for non locals who come to Nagaland to work or do business.

•    ILP should be strictly enforced but that doesn't mean that Naga manu khan plans manu ke backup nadibi.