Kindness is a choice 


Finding kindness and resilience were two human characteristics which prevailed above the loss and misfortune during the covid-19 pandemic and its imposed lockdown. There was continuous stream of overwhelming information on government restrictions and guidelines, data on infection, casualty, discrimination etc. There was also no lack of misinformation, rumour and disinformation, needing constant reminder to read, watch and share information only from trusted sources.

Even so kindness, one of the most powerful and affirmative aspects of human nature shined through. Many local newspapers run stories of random act of kindness amidst the challenging times. The outbreak of kindness towards unknown children and families grew into a stronger movement of compassion, love and empathy. The pandemic has phase out leaving the world with the significance to treat everyone with kindness and that everyone can aim to spread kindness.

Kindness is choosing others. It is the ‘quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.’ But kindness also means so much more. Kindness means to love. Recently more and more people, especially the younger generations have made their presence in social media obligatory. Navigating social media becomes a challenge when it involves online harassment such as trolling, racism, body-shaming and other mean or cruel behaviour. It will not be wrong to state that the percentage of young people with social media disorders or depression like symptom is growing in the Naga society. While young people are getting tangled in a spiral of increased screen time, depressing posts, sleep deprivation, fantasy of anonymity, kindness can start on social media by way of restraining from negative comments or looking down on others. One person’s act with intention by leaving a compliment, reflecting and posting something encouraging, stopping the cycle of sharing unenthusiastic post etc would definitely make the future of being online so much kinder.

The power of kindness has the power to create a safe space for humanity even in the face of a pandemic or mental health crisis. These are just two obvious examples of the many issues the world is dealing with today. It is the people’s ability to either connect with empathy and love or disengage with hatred and hostility. In any given situation of life, the choice is either to respond and embrace with kindness or decide to do nothing because being kind starts with intention. There is so much in the world that is beyond the human control, but kindness is a choice which can influence and triumph over the despairs with hope and motivation for humankind. 

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