Nagaland Lokayukta issues notice to non functioning government offices



Photos provided by Nagaland Lokayukta show government offices shut with no employees despite government’s order to open offices on January 2. (Photo Courtesy : Nagaland Lokayukta) 


DIMAPUR, JANUARY 6 (MExN): Nagaland Lokayukta has directed that notice be issued to the Heads of state government offices as to why appropriate action should not be taken under the Nagaland Lokayukta Act and other provision of civil and criminal law for non functioning of offices despite government order to open on January 2, 2020. 

In an order, Deputy SP, B Phontau Phom said a number of government offices including DEO Kohima, DIPR, DSC, Land Resources, DUDA, Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection, RTO and RD were not functioning on January 4 & 5 despite government’s order. Evidence was also produced in the form of photographs that depicted the government offices in question were still on holiday. 

The Nagaland Lokayukta had directed its police establishment to depute staff to visit all government offices to find out as to whether the government establishments are open, functioning and attended by staff following.

In accordance, two constables were instructed on January 4 & 6 to visit state government offices to find out whether they are opened, functioning and attended by the staff. Both were instructed to take a photograph of the offices as well. 

The order mentioned that even the salary of the state government officers and employees could not be paid because of closure of Treasuries and other offices. 

Deprivation of salaries and legitimate dues of government employees and retaining the money without any legal sanction may result in Civil & Criminal liability and the same can be deducted from the salary of the officers responsible for delay apart from prosecution under the Criminal law, the order stated. 

The order also directed that the notice be issued to the Nagaland Chief Secretary as well. 




The earlier version of the article had mentioned the dates of the constables' visits to State Government Offices as January 4th & 5th, instead of 4th and 6th. The error article has been subsequently rectified and updated to reflect the correct information after a corrigendum issued by Protocol Officer, Nagaland Lokayukta