‘Need for renewed trust between Nagaland Police and public’: DGP

YOC holds interactive session with DGP Rupin Sharma

Morung Express News
Dimapur | November 30

An insightful interactive session on substance abuse, organised by the Youth Oasis Centre (YOC) in Dimapur, featured Rupin Sharma, IPS DGP Nagaland this evening. The DGP shared his personal journey combating drugs in the State, emphasizing the severity of the issue with even one in ten individuals being a drug user.

Sharma urged the public not to take law into their own hands, stressing the need for renewed trust between the Nagaland Police and the public. He expressed concern over the limited government mechanisms for rehabilitation, with only 8,000 out of 1 lakh (approximately) individuals on Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST).

Highlighting the inadequacy of de-addiction centres and rehabs with a capacity of approximately 650, Sharma emphasized the necessity for alternative mechanisms to support those seeking to change their lives. Pointing out the shortage of space in rehab centres, he called for the development of additional mechanisms.

The Director General of Police emphasised on addressing the issues at the local level, rather than “globalising it, bringing in the whole clan and community.” Clarifying about his role that he is here to implement the law, and “not to make law,” the DGP however, expressed willingness to suggest changes in the law, if needed. Stressing on the importance of collective action, he said that a society should come together for the right reasons. He underscored the State government’s potential to enact laws that can “right a wrong in the society.”

Sharma cautioned against unethical practices in alternate mechanisms, citing instances of NGOs charging exorbitant fees despite receiving government funding. He emphasised the importance of maintaining a balance between survival and profiteering.

Addressing the issue of imposing fines, Sharma unequivocally condemned it, labelling it as “extortion.” He warned against legalising wrongdoing and pledged to take action against individuals involved in such activities.

Sharma called for public cooperation in the fight against substance abuse, emphasizing the collaborative role of both the public and the police. He encouraged reporting any police failures and assured appropriate action while discouraging “vigilantism.”

In conclusion, the interactive session underscored the pressing need for practical mechanisms, public awareness, and collaboration between law enforcement and the community to effectively combat substance abuse in Nagaland.

Earlier, Rev Kilang Jamir, Director, Youth Harvest Ministry delivered a sermon from a passage of 1 Peter 2:24 in the Bible, while Akhevi presented a message through song. Proprietor of YOC, Lima Imsong gave the welcome address.

Following his address, an interactive session was held with young individuals addressing concerns about substance abuse with the DGP. Convenor, Organising Committee Jongshimanen, moderated the session. Seven churches from in and around Dimapur had collaborated to organise the fruitful event.