Praise Festival at Wokha town

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord-
Psalm 150:6

Perhaps, for the first time in the history of Wokha Town, believers (youth) from different denominations are coming together for a cause ‘to let God work through the unity of the believers.’ A press note issued by Thungdemo (Demo) Kyong, Wokha Town stated that  leaving aside all differences, the group (youth leaders) have taken a very bold step to come together in unity, showing oneness in the Lord Jesus Christ through an event called ‘Praise Festival’ with a theme “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” from Psalm 150:6.
According to the decision of the leaders meeting, the event will take its ground from January 5 to 7, 2012. The festival speaker will be Rev. David Jamir of JAM and Wisdom Center ministry Shillong. David was conspicuously popular during his younger days for being in the world of Rock Music. He led a band by the name of Rebel Soul which later became Revel Soul and it was during the peak of the bands life that he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally and made the decision to completely live for Him and ever since there has been no turning back- and the Lord has been using him tremendously.
“Through this event we hope that many people will come to know who the Lord Jesus Christ truly is and that even those who had known Him will know even more” said the leaders. Like in the days of the apostles when they were known as people who turned the world upside down so we also hope that the Lord will turn Wokha town upside down and we will not be the same anymore, they added further. Another leader shared his insight that “as the Lord touch the people they will realize that no matter what I may be the Lord deserves my praises too and I can also be praising the Lord”.
The note mentioned that this is going to be a very exciting and a tantalizing event where people will just pour out their hearts unto the Lord. As believers take their ground in one faith, voice and theme ‘to praise the lord’, one of the features of the event will be the singing of the Handel’s Messiah Halleluyah Chorus by perhaps the World’s largest Choir (Choirs clustered into one) on the final meeting of the festival which will be conducted by Renthunglo Kikon (presently the Music teacher at ETC Jorhat, Assam). Mention may be made that in the year 2010 the Wokha Town Baptist Church Youth department organized a singing competition upon this very song and that is how hundreds of young people learned it.