Should Government vehicles be used for private purposes?

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say

•    Because govt.vehicles are solely for official duty only

•    What is worse is sons and daughters of officers using government vehicles as their toys!! Authority means responsibility, not abuse of position.

•    No, I don’t think it’s appropriate that the vehicles be used for private purposes. The cost regarding the fuel use and also the expenditure can lead to very high expenses of the govt .The govt should  check it and follow the norms according to the other States. Restriction should be made make all those have the govt vehicles to use only during the office timings and other important official assignments.

•    No, its not. Only on official duty.

•    No, one should know the real meaning behind the word, ‘government property.’ But unfortunately, our Naga people are misusing each and every opportunity on their way up. 

•    No, the government vehicle use means to be used during official duty and not for private duty.

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say

•    Since the government is not made up by an individual so as long as the private purposes are not harmful to government/ people it’s big OKAY. BUT it shouldn’t be misused!!!

Those who voted ‘MAYBE’ had to say

•    But not to the extreme so that it may function well regarding the work of the Government for which purpose it has been kept.

•    May be, I don’t think this question needs to be debated. it is quite clear, for what purpose a govt servant is provided a vehicle? It’s a necessity to save time, in the service to the people. So, whatever the rule book says in providing a vehicle, they should abide by it.

•    It’s alright sometimes. Not every one of them has a private vehicle. So I guess its ok sometimes, provided they keep it responsibly.

•    Maybe in exceptional circumstances like medical emergencies. A government servant must be permitted to use his government vehicle but for not any other non-official work.