Should Nagaland government impose lockdown to curb transmission of the COVID-19? Give Reasons

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 
•    We all know that about 40% out of 100 will never obey SOPs given. Also, many aren't ready to accept the fact that there is a little bit of community spread here in Nagaland as well. We don’t have facilities to treat thousands of patients in Nagaland and this is one of the major reasons behind why we should put out state into a lockdown. Prevention is better than cure.

•    Our hospitals are not prepared. 

•    Yes. Because the public are not careful and we need to stop the transmission.

•    Yes, I currently favour a careful planned Lockdown, for 5-7 days for the whole of Nagaland. Let me explain why Nagaland currently does not have the facility or human resource to take on the medical challenges presented by COVID. Do we have medical competency at this time? Are our Law and Order personals and department ready to manage the responsibility that has come to us? Unless a carefully thought-out planning to avert, control and prepare be in place, a partially restricted lockdown does not work at this time of more than a Human Crisis!

My suggestions:  All the below to be done by the Government and Civil bodies with prior information and announcement, 5-7 days in advance on all print, broadcast and social media tools, this gives the state and public the time to prepare; Bar entry of all passenger flight for 4-5 days, this gives some time for monitoring and preparing. (1) Strict Monitoring of passengers arriving from Train and Roads, police can be deployed in civil uniform this time to sight law-breakers. (2) A quick response team be formed to surprise check the pricing of good if sold at a higher price. (3) Prepare stocking of goods in designated areas with entrust to a civilian body within that area, with strict protocol in place.

Our elected government with help of civil bodies and church reach out to support, inform, sensitize communities on COVID, Vaccination and impacts of it, we all need to support each other right now, it is not time for throwing bricks at each other, we have done that a lot! Let's start thinking differently, for desperate times call for desperate responsibilities.

•    Yes, to total lockdown for a period of time. Only way to prevent mass transmission. Personally as a small time businessman, I will be hit very badly but willing to endure the lockdown instead of a scenario where there are no more beds in the hospitals or corpse being piled up.

•    Yes. Movement of people must be little restricted not like last year though. But supply of goods and commodity must not be restricted. It's becoming scarier than last year.

•    Yes... should impose lockdown as we don't want our state to get into a situation like that of Delhi, UP and other states. We should learn a lesson from other state's who are well equipped but are not able to tackle the huge amount of cases. Besides how prepared is the state Government? Think about it!

•    Lockdown for some couple of weeks and then peoples will become more careful.

•    Yes. No one should be allowed to enter Nagaland without producing COVID-19 test result because we get infected from person entering Nagaland staying outside our State. Last year people coming from Chennai and Bangalore were infected while traveling back home if not there is less chances of getting Corona. 

•    Think about the present state of big cities like Delhi who hv failed to handle the situation with all the infrastructure they have- multiple govt n private hospitals; for which they had to impose lockdown as the end measure. So just think about our state n state govt- not a single govt hospital n very few private set-ups n not forgetting that aids to our state if the situation gets out of hand is not going to come easy

•    That is one and only way to break the chain.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
•    It will affect the economy and livelihood.  Masking and pandemic appropriate precautions will reduce the spread.

•    I guess no, if proper initiatives are taken on travellers coming from the outside than there won't be much cases... Because a lockdown would affect the economy of the whole state

•    No, absolutely not necessary. won't help unless strict surveillance and protocols are maintained for traveller's inbound from outside the states

•    Lockdown should not be imposed.. only those particular areas which comes under containment zone should be closed untill the results are negative

•    No.. It will led to economy downfall again, it's better for us to stay aware maintaining strict protocols and taking strict surveillance if the govt impose another lockdown again it will only help the people during this phase but coming year people will suffer double

•    A big NO to lockdown. It'll only drag us down economically. The virus is going to be with us so it's more practical to spread awareness rather than imposing lockdown. A strict vigilance should be kept on people entering our state

•    Lockdown is not necessary if travellers from outside are kept in check/tested/observed. Also if there's strict adherence to protocols in all public places like markets and shops, gatherings, then it should help control the spread. But there's still massive numbers that do not follow distancing nor any usage of masks. A lot of citizens walk around without masks even today. How much awareness can be made when India's newest case numbers are extremely horrible? Many places still get crowded with people and there's still big risks of the virus spreading easily. Added to that, the state's medical capacity to handle Covid cases may not be able to handle bigger numbers as it's already been established numerous times. This might just warrant a last minute decision of lockdown soon. Terrible for the economy and those that need to make a living but it's quite tough to keep a check on many individuals who still don't follow protocols despite these raging death numbers across the country.

•    No. Total Lockdown is not the solution, as it severely affects our daily life. think more and more testing needs to be done

•    For me I should say no because even there is lockdown there will be outsiders entering our state which is increasing the cases and also the education system is affected badly and the economy will affect the people of our state so badly better control the returnees to our state and there shall not be lockdown

•    Imposing lockdown will increase the rate of CoVid. Statistics from the previous year have shown the detrimental effects of lockdown

•    Lockdown is not a solution anymore especially in our place because we had taste,we had touched with our may benefit for the rich class family but it'll impact daily wage workers which is not a healthy one...The policy makers and stakeholders should come in a logical concussion which can be beneficial to every community as a whole..No Lockdown

•    Total Lockdown is not the solution. Restrictions in public places with partial opening of shops following the protocol that's how we can fight against covid-19.

•    It wouldn't be necessary if our people are careful and follow all SOPs but no, it's not happening. Many are taking it so lightly & Looking at the rise in the positive cases, I feel lockdown for a period of time will be good to stop the transmission further more. Our state is not in the position to handle the situation if it gets worse.

•    No lockdown, people r suffering v much, please tnk abt da middle class family n the poorest whre thy wl go, frm they wl hv food

•    No. Even if there's no Lockdown, if we care ourselves and family and people around us, we can maintain protocol and we will be alright. Have to live or die with it. Can't quit normal days cos of such virus.

•    People should be responsible than if you don't want the lockdown to be impose the government is very loose and the public are responsible too for the current situation so it's high time to take precautions

•    Lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions are political crimes against own country and people. There is nothing reasonable in support of fighting a group of RNA viruses, which could be existing everywhere and living inside each person on earth.

•    An imposed lockdown is not the viable solution especially for daily wage workers. Not everybody has a means to sustain themselves for another lockdown. What is important is self awareness and the need to follow protocols of social distancing, sanitisation and wearing of masks. All reliable authorities should be more vigilant in imposing these safety measures. If we as citizens can be responsible for our own lives and for the lives of those who matter to us, then together we can fight this virus. It is for each individual to take it upon himself/herself to male a conscious decision to stay safe and help others do the same. It is not big talks and promises that will help us at this hour. A united effort is what we need to survive this pandemic. The new normal is the only way of life as of now.
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Only partial lockdown should be maintain

•    Lockdown but no Lockdown is better

•    Another COVID vat tax to be added in all commodities

•    Life or economy is a choice

•    Partial lockdown is more than enough

•    It wouldn't be necessary but people don't follow rules

•    Yes to lockdown for rich people but for poor people like me No to lockdown

•    Economic underdevelopment is thousand times more dangerous than this virus. Better think a billion times even for imposing mild restriction. So for me better normalise things.

•    Yes, but not the whole District, it should be Dimapur in the first place, atleast a week or two not only within to the district but, all those trains, flights and even cross border travelling as well.

•    Clueless even after 2 years still researching on how toooos