Bashar al Assad

  • Syria seeks more Russian investment as U.S. sanctions hammer economy
    MOSCOW/AMMAN, September 7 (Reuters): President Bashar al Assad said on Monday he wanted to expand business ties with Russia to help Damascus cope with new U.S. sanctions on Syria's already crippled economy that threaten to undermine military gains achieved with Moscow's help. Assad, speaking in comments made during a meeting in Damascus with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and carried by state media, said he wanted Russian i
  • Syria's Assad stops speech due to low blood pressure before resuming - state TV
    AMMAN, August 12 (Reuters): Syrian President Bashar al Assad suffered low blood pressure for a few minutes while delivering a speech to parliament before resuming normally, state television said on Wednesday. It said the speech which was supposed to be delivered at around noon would now be broadcast in full at 6:30 p.m. The channel gave no further details. "This was a result of a small drop in blood pressure that Mr President suffered before he resumed his speech nor
  • Syria's Assad removes prime minister as economic hardship grows
    AMMAN, June 11 (Reuters): Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Thursday dismissed prime minister Imad Khamis, state media said, in a move that follows weeks of deepening economic hardship and a rare outbreak of anti-Assad protests in government-held areas. State media did not give a reason for the sudden decision, announced in a presidential decree that designated water resources minister Hussein Arnous as Khamis' successor.   But Syria has been in the throes of an e