The Beauty of Moving on

Modern College

Running into my best friend was nice. Parting ways was also nice. And running into this article? I must believe that life presents before us manifold situations whereby a single decision determines the following episodes. While we can hold onto the fond memories, some things in life are out of the control of our mortal hands. Moving through the chapters of life happens naturally the same way the trees shed their leaves. Agreed, it is saddening to watch the leaves fall off, painful even for the trees, but undeniably beautiful.

Andrea Gibson quotes, “Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like they're falling in love with the ground." The thought of having to choose and welcome a new chapter of our lives over the one we are accustomed to and familiar with, however dreadful, cannot be stopped. Moving on and letting go gracefully of the old chapters, shedding the walls and allowing for the better things, higher calling, to come into our lives will get you and me, exactly where we are meant to be. 

Allowing for things to fall is to be bold. Allowing things to fall only means giving life a chance, for everything to fall back to its place. Putting an end to the chapter might look like one's entire life support system crashing down, but the only thing is that it is not. Shedding is beautiful and so is moving forward. Shedding is painful and uncomfortable and so is moving on. I hope the next time we dread closing a chapter in our lives, the sight of trees shedding their leaves gracefully and in beauty reminds us that to let go is to welcome new beginnings, and to fall like the leaves, is just to fall in love.