Which among the following is most responsible for delay in road constructions, poor workmanship and maintenance in Nagaland? Give reasons.

•    Corruption

Nagaland Government: 
•    The problem starts with the Government. The rest follows, as the saying goes "the birds of the same feather flock together."

•    Timely release of funds meant for road construction, also strict action against contractors who do not adhere to guidelines and quality workmanship. There should be no compromise on quality of the road and also timely maintenance.

•    Government is the main nodal agency to maintain public properties and as such they should be the main law implementing agency as well. A state where there is no opposition party and what can we expect from such government?

•    No transparency.

•    Government is the head of state, like the parents in the family. Children learn many from their parents. But who is the government? It is the elected members, elected by the people. The concerned Department Minister, Chief Minister and the Finance minister can lead the beacon of change in this matter.

•    If the Political will and political set up of the government is strong then, nothing can stop them from taking accountability of the contactors or other implementation agencies involved in the construction. There's no work culture in Nagaland, no serious follow up of work implementation, timeline target and accountability of work.

•    Misusing central money. 

•    The detailed project report must be implemented to the letter and spirit. For this the government through the department must not only review the work by the implementing. agencies, but must also hold them accountable. Without accountability, nothing will work.

•    All are important. But the Nagaland government is the most important because it is the legitimate body that is responsible for governing the people and is the ultimate body responsible for the welfare of the people. The government must ensure the implementation of policies and ensure that the contractors and implementing agency adhere to the required norms.

•    Politics, briberies, extortions

•    They need to get aware and also give this work to reliable contractor. Stop spending money in other works which is very much unimportant.

•    Greed for money ?

•    Huge deduction at govt level which resulted in poor supervision which is the reason for poor workmanship.

Implementing Agency: 
•    Its all of the them at some stage or the other are responsible of delay and bed roads the contractors, government, implementing agency and public at large do hinder the progress of good roads , no-one wants to take the responsibility everyone one wants to make a profit from what is not theirs.

•    Public is responsible because they want compensation

•    All of it. Contractor takes some shares. Nagaland government corruption. Implementation agency needs to warm their pocket as well. But the greatest of all... we the public… First money for land compensation and then blame the government later… We are all responsible.

•    Leadership quality, when the leadership is weak wrong contractor will be chosen, wrong supplier's will be chosen, there is no punctuality, no transparency in choosing the workers, leaders not coming and checking the work progress so it’s all about leadership.

•    All of the above. Nagaland Government commissions and corruption, contractors over greedy to make huge margin, implementing agency corruption instead of doing their jobs, public disturbing the contractors and stealing the construction materials, others is “National workers” no need to elaborate.

•    I am still thinking about whom to approach to collect the payment for the service rendered by my father's machine during the road execution between Dimapur and Kohima. The engineer, who was in-charge of that specific area, seems to be out of station to meet the contractor since 2017. (On a serious note)... Hoping that this blame game will get over soon.

•    All of the above.

•    All have equal responsibility.

•    Nagaland Government, contractors + underground.