Which Organization is in the best position to bring unity and reconciliation?

Those who voted ‘CHURCH’ had to say:

•    The Church is in the best position to bring about reconciliation and unity. It is one of the very, very few institutions in Nagaland that works transparently and hence it has the trust of the populace cutting across tribes and clans. PERHAPS it is the only pan-Naga institution that is unmarred by politics, corruption and impartiality

•    In principle Church should be the best institution that can mend the broken relationship among its members. Besides, if faith is genuine, forgiveness and mercy should not be lacking. Unfortunately, in Nagaland, the Baptist Churches are established on the basis of tribes. The Church instead of becoming a source of unit by organizing on the basis of Christian principle of universal love and brotherhood, the Church by so organizing on tribal basis only adds to suspicion and further alienation of the various tribes among the Nagas. The politics rising out of the religion based on tribal affinity produce more divisive current than the actual politics. Unless the various tribal affiliated Church structures and the various denomination can come together based on brotherhood and due respect to the religious rights of each other, the Church, which is actually the most appropriate instrument of Naga unity, can neither sow unity and peace nor reap unity and harmony. The Churches in the Naga areas are far from exemplary.  

Those who voted ‘NAGA HOHO had to say:

•    1. They are core body of the Naga Civil society.

    2. They are more inclusive for all Nagas.

    3. Their voice & concern is more valid and comprehensive for all Nagas.

    4. This body is recognized and accepted by the Govt of India as well as others.

•    To me factional problem is the worse destructive force in Naga society. At present Naga Hoho is in the best position to bring unity and reconciliation among the conflicting parties. Naga Hoho must initiate direct talk between the top leaders of warring groups to find out issues and work out ways and means to restore national unity. 

Those who voted ‘OTHERS’ had to say:

•    The reconciliation among Nagas should be initiated by a forum of people from different organizations, or individuals with vast knowledge in the subject matter. They all have to be people with credibility and integrity. To limit it to Church and Naga Hoho would be a disaster.

•    If we the people of Naga get united, we will be the best to bring unity and peace in our state.

•    Not the Church, and not the Hoho, it has to be a new forum consisting of different people with integrity. People who can lead and have knowledge to be able to make right decisions.

•    Others, definitely not the Church. They have lost their moral ground, they cannot take a stand. They only want to be neutral and are self-righteous. Reconciliation needs people of moral integrity. People should select individuals to work for reconciliation.

•    Because both the church and the Hoho are politically maligned by self vested politicians.

•    NSCN (IM) has much greater role to play in the present situation, it seems like they are back up by the govt too .However, until and unless all the factions are united they wouldn’t be able to achieve the goal of the Nagas. There the hour has come where we need a strong leader like Martin Luther king, MAHATMA GANDHI, NELSON MANDELA etc. who will lead the Nagas to freedom. The one who will really care for the poor, villagers, who will not only pursue for freedom but also for the welfare of the lower class too, so that even if we get freedom we will have enough to fill our stomach. That’s how every one of the people can support that leader who will be humble and wise enough to deal INDIANS as well as NAGAS. We’ve capable leaders like that, or we young generation will stand, but the reason why they can’t come out is because of the gun culture in Nagaland, it’s because of the factions who has guns. They have their own ideologies which we Nagas don’t know or can’t understand, all can’t be blamed but they spoil NAGAS as to be honest enough. Therefore my point here is we need a strong leader who can lead as well as follow the NAGAS. Long Live Nagas.

•    Others, of course. The common people. Too much ‘ism’s’ has poisoned our organizations. Talk ‘bout’ unity; let the factions come to term first.

•    The Church as already lost credibility and has build a reputation for itself as an organization that cannot stand on its own two feet. The Church only lives on rhetoric and is filled with old people; some new fresh young minds are needed if the Church is to play an important role. The Naga Hoho lacks integrity and unity within the rank and files of the organization. It is already too politicized and because it is formed on tribal lines, its scope is confined to tribal interest. The best option for Nagas is to have a forum where different individuals and representatives are formed.

•    Indian Government, but at present they are playing and taking advantage of factions.