Will DoSE’s AI-based system to monitor teachers' presence within the school compound improve their attendance in Nagaland government schools? Give Reasons

•    Yes, AI system will improve the attendance of teachers in schools thought at first it might face some problems but if continue thoroughly... they'll easily get to know their irregularities

•    It will compel teachers to be repatriated to schools and end the culture of proxy teachers.

•    Yes if the concerned authorities implement this policy well, they will be able to monitor the teachers to see that they are dutifully attending the schools and providing quality education to the students.

•    Those with political links will continue to be absent

•    Yes it should if it is implemented well without any favour to anyone.

•    Introducing AI based monitoring system will not serve the intended purpose. The matters of teacher's presence and providing quality education to the students are two different entities.

•    Political interference will never bring any change whatever technology n tools are applied to improve. Because whatever action are taken by authority r put into dust bin through political tools.

•    This is a good start. It shows intent. It may not solve all the problem but it certainly shows that the department is willing to invest in taking proactive steps. The community should also be willing to cooperate in making this initiative worthwhile because it will benefit the entire community.

•    Be careful of feminist and feminism here in Nagaland particularly print media.

•    The smile app has lot of glitches. They say it's a location base attendance system but most of the time the app doesn't show a same location even among the teachers giving attendance in the same location.

•    In my view, DoSE need not to go upto such extreme technology as AI based system. Biometric attendance system is widely available in the market. All the teachers in Nagaland can be controlled by one internet-based Biometric attendance software monitor from DoSE and by providing punching devices in all the schools. And to improve the teacher presence on duty, make a rule that "all teachers should punch in the biometric punching machine installed in their school, after every subject period."