Blade Runner 2049 REVIEW: 2017’s Best Movie Yet!

Blade Runner 2049 REVIEW: 2017’s Best Movie Yet!

Blade Runner 2049 is the epitome of what great science fiction should be!



Blade Runner 2049 is every bit the beautiful thematic companion to Ridley Scott’s original ‘Blade Runner,’ a film that redefined the science fiction genre.


Denis Villeneuve and his team are remarkably ambitious, using the topics raised by ‘Blade Runner’ to continue the conversation instead of just repeating it to make a buck.


To this end, they have made one of the most deeply philosophical and challenging sci-fi films of all time.


Riding a wave of gorgeous visuals from the legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins and a crack effects team, Villeneuve brings us to Los Angeles in 2049. It’s been decades since the first film, but the replicant-destroying Blade Runner is still a profession, and Ryan Gosling’s K is one such agent.


The film is undeniably gorgeous, the kind of work that could be appreciated with the volume turned all the way down. Not only are Deakins and Villeneuve great at the “futuristic” aspects of their vision, but they’ve made a film whose most striking imagery often relates to nature.


It’s one of the most stunningly shot films of not just this year, but the last several. I can’t wait to just see it again, just to bask in its visuals without trying to follow its plot.


And the sound design is so remarkable that it’s almost overwhelming—this is a film you don’t passively watch, you experience it.


Ryan Gosling gives one of the best performances of his career. He is perfect for this part as Gosling allows fear and confusion to become operating forces on his character’s arc without ever overselling the deep emotion of the piece.


Harrison Ford also reprises his role as Deckard, the original blade runner. And his appearance in the movie just makes the whole thing so much better.


Villeneuve also draws great performances from Sylvia Hoeks and Ana de Armas, who do fantastic jobs with their roles.


Yes, the film does drag on for a bit. Like the original Blade Runner, certain audiences might might find Blade Runner 2049 slow and boring in certain sections. But criticism like that can fade with repeat viewing and is only a tiny smudge in the grandiose spectacle that is Blade Runner 2049.


We certainly had reservations before going into the theatres to watch this movie. But Villeneuve has pulled it off. This movie is immaculately made, it is gripping and it locates this world’s mournful, romantic and ultimately hopeful soul.


Blade Runner 2049 is the most beautiful movie that we have seen in several years, and by far is the best movie of this year till now.


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