The cacophony of the council of mice

Kahuto Chishi Sumi

The coming elections will be a milestone in the Affairs of Nagaland. Never has Nagaland seen such uncertainty as to the outcome of any election. The Ruling DAN Government is in utter chaos, the turncoat Congress (I) Legislators cannot be guaranteed NPF Party Tickets to contest the elections, without alienating a vast section of the Old Guard of the Party; the BJP has decided to go it alone. The newly formed NDPP, which seems to have the resources and manpower to take on all comers, has the NPF running scared. So what is their solution? The tired and worn out refrain of “Solution (not/before) Election”.


The mythical Hydra was a many headed monster slain by Hercules; if one head was chopped off, two grew in its place. And now I understand how Hercules must have felt. I have, in turn, debunked TR Zeliang (unpublished, but widely circulated in Social Media), K.K. Sema and Imkong L. Imchen (the last two published) when they brought up the issue of the imaginary solution. And now it seems that 40 plus organisations, including our tribal organisations, the NTC, CNTC, the All Nagaland G.B. Federation and ACAUT have added their voices to create a cacophony of idiocy in Nagaland.


Meetings held on resolving the Naga Issue are akin to the fabled Council of Mice. We hold meetings and pass resolutions on the Solution to the Naga Issue, but have no idea what the Solution is; just as the Mice had no volunteers to bell the cat. I have belled the cat in my article, “An Honourable Solution” (Morung Express, Eastern Mirror and Nagaland Post of the 10th of September 2017); what have the rest of our organisations and factions done? I do not include the NSCN (I-M), who have their own solution, and the NSCN(K), who are still fighting for total independence, in my question.


It is not the Indian Government, at the Centre, which is fooling the Naga People, but our Legislators, in cahoots with one or the other of our Underground Factions, along with sections of the Executive Members of our Tribal Organisations. Enough is enough, and to put the Issue to rest, once and for all, I challenge all the proponents of the “Solution (not/before) Elections” to an open debate on the issues of the solution to the Naga Issue and the forthcoming Elections. The debate, in English and/or Nagamese, to held at any public venue at Tuensang, on any day or time, on or before the next Monday, i.e. 15-01-2018. Acceptance of the challenge must be intimated in Print and Social Media.


I urge you to come, not only with your 40 plus organisations, but with as many more as you can muster. I extend a special invitation to ACAUT, to who I say,”Et tu Brute?”, except there is no Caesar to fall, and all you’ve done is stabbed yourselves.


God Save Nagaland.