CBCC vows to uphold Clean Election

CBCC vows to uphold Clean Election
Participants of the 67th General Council of Chakhesang Baptist Church Council held from January 19 to 21.


Urges Christian believers to refrain from practising yoga


Pfutsero, January 21 (MExN): The Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) adopted various resolutions during its 67th General Council held at CBCC Mission Centre, Pfutsero from January 19-21.


Hosted by the Baptist Theological College, the meeting was attended by 514 delegates representing all the CBCC churches.


In view of the forthcoming State general election, the participants resolved to commit themselves to “consciously and faithfully” exercise their franchise and further rededicate themselves to sensitize, advocate, promote and practice Clean Election in accordance with the NBCC Clean Election Guidelines.


“…we recognize and uphold the democratic rights of the people for Good governance and we recognize adult franchise as God’s given birth rights,” read the resolution of the meeting which was released to the media by CBCC Executive Secretary Rev. Dr. Vezopa Tetseo.


Focusing on the theme of the annual meeting ‘Knitted Together in Christ” (Col 2:2) and fully recognizing its practical implications and relevance for the Church and society today, the participants also reaffirmed their commitment and endeavour to keep up the unity of the spirit and further resolved to remain “Knitted together in Christ” under the banner of CBCC “with the sole purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


The meeting also resolved to call upon all the believers and churches to uphold the Biblical sanctions of Christian marriage, according to the press release.


“We also urge every Christian believer to refrain from practicing Yoga which is not compatible with Christian values, faith and practices. In this connection, we also appeal all concerned authority not to impose yoga practices to our Naga Students so as not to hurt the religious sentiments of Christian community as well as to uphold the religious freedom envisaged in the Constitution,” the resolution stated.


While pointing out the “certain emerging secular ideologies and religious forces subtly attacking Christian faith and practices and depriving of our rights and privileges,” the meeting also resolved to “pray and fight against all these exploitative and oppressive forces and ideologies that are found inimical and detrimental to our Christian faith and practices.” In this regard, a resolution was made to urge upon all the believers to be deeply rooted in the word of God.