Comedy film acting is landing two girls to life imprisonment!


Thepfulhouvi Solo, IFS Retd (RR 68)
Retd. Principal Secretary, Nagaland

The Bible teaches: ‘Do not let your right hand know what your left hand has given’; a Pangan traditional Angami woman would ask the Giver: ‘why do you give this to me, give it to One more rightfully deserved?’ a civilized person first enquires: ‘can I give this to you?’ before something is given.


Two unsuspecting Asian girls were paid money to act in a fake comedy film they practiced smearing lotion on the face of unknown travelers in the Airport the Film Directors photographing them: a Malaysian and a Vietnamese Girls may both get a life imprisonment from the Court for their acting!


Some Koreans engaged a Vietnamese girl and a Malaysian girl to smear Face Powder on the face of strangers in the Airport for a supposed fake comedy film on payment. They practiced it in the Airport while the Directors photographed them and the Court now may give the two innocent unsuspecting girls to life imprisonment for smearing highly deadly poisonous VX on the face of the half brother of North Koreas’ deadly Dictator Jun Un. The North Korea President’s Elder Half Brother died 27 minutes later in South Korea and two Korean suspects supposedly the Photographers flew to North Korea immediately on the same day. The two innocent girls may get life imprisonment sentence from the Court.


In the latest Nagaland Assembly Seat Bye-Election to the vacant Northern Angami-I Constituency has just recently concluded and even had a Maha Mela of success celebration in the NBCC Convention Centre near Nagaland Secretariat.


It has now become an open Secret that money flowed like water from a pipe from one of the candidates and from the other also like water from crevice of the rock on a mountain side.


There were only two candidates, both from the grand old Kohima Village and both candidates from the same Lhisemie joint-Thinuo, rumored the richest Khel with 6 Crorepatis.


It could well be true both of the candidates could swear they did not personally and directly distributed money for purchase of votes. But both of them could be like the two Asian girls in the Jail claiming they have innocently acted that killed the elder Un.


Both the candidates violated the Church rules and the Kohima Village Council Resolution Directives for Clean Election in Nagaland.


The NBCC has been shouting hoarse for quite some time for Clean Election. The Church Council appears to be growing more and more realistic but not enough yet to clean a wretched land.


The NBCC could be more realistic than just making statements and expressing regrets at the wretched political scenes in the State of Nagaland. Like Paul rebuking Peter ‘in front of them all’(Gal 2: 14): “When I saw that they were not acting in line with the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas in front of them all, you are a Jew yet you live like a Gentile and not like a Jew. How is it, then, that you force Gentiles to follow Jewish customs?”


It is heard that some baptized Christians, Village Council functionaries and even some serving Pastors have received ‘lefafa’ and naked ‘currency notes’ during the Election period from the direction of the candidates.


The NBCC could learn more specific facts from some honest ‘Whistle Blowers’ for the LORD and then send letter to the two candidates with what Peter had asked from Anania and Safira.


NBCC may not question any person to death, but certainly it can make recommendation to the Parent Church of the Candidates to desist from partaking the LORD SUPPER with any Culprit for 1 year if found guilty.


The Council may send a Copy of their letter to Kohima Village Council to help Cleanse our State with actions against Violators of the nice Village Council Resolutions.


The BJP and Politicians cannot blind God from looking at Nagaland.




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