Despite the odds, District Hospital Kiphire strives

Despite the odds, District Hospital Kiphire strives

A partial view of District Hospital, Kiphire. (Morung Photo)

Named the 2nd cleanest hospital in Nagaland

P. Achumse Yingbithongrü
Kiphire | April 20

The District Hospital, Kiphire (DHK) was awarded the second best hospital in Nagaland in term of cleanliness under the Kayakalp Scheme for the year 2018-19 under National Health Mission on March 26, 2019.

This recognition is being considered as an ‘out of the ordinary’ feat since the DHK has been delivering public health care services under strenuous condition, with inadequate work force and dismal infrastructure.

‘We thought we will only get commendation, it is a moment of pride and honour for the DHK and the people of Kiphire that years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication has been acknowledged,” said Dr. Bendangsenla, Medical Superintendent DHK.

Kayakalp Scheme is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India to promote cleanliness, hygiene and infection control practices in public health facilities.

Under the scheme, best two District Hospitals in each State are selected for the award. The award for 2nd prize carries an amount of 15 lakh.

DHK was established on October 2, 1980. In its 39th years of service, DHK has gone through various challenges but against all odds it has been steadily making progress, though understaffed, by few dedicated staffs, nurses and doctors posted in this interior part of Nagaland, away from the comfort and pleasure enjoyed in cities and towns.

Senior nurse Noklentula Sangtam recalling her first posting said that back in 1992 when she was first posted, there was no proper infrastructure and medical facilities. “Despite this, we always tried to give our best service with whatever possible resources available, never seeking publicity or attention because we believe we are performing our job for the cause of humanity,” she stated.

On the award, the senior nurse termed it as a great honour, adding, “it is a reminder to us all that hard work and sacrifice always pays off, it has tremendously boosted our morals.”

Seeking for continuous support and cooperation from the public to further improve cleanliness and healthcare facility in Kiphire, Noklentula said whatever DHK has achieved so far is because of the support from the public and NGOs.

Dr Bendangsenla talking about the award stated that cleanliness is crucial in healthcare setting, for instance in controlling the spread of infection or viruses. “A clean and welcoming environment is also important from an aesthetic point of view, engendering feelings of well-being and trust in people who may be anxious and unwell,” she added.

Need for setting up of funds for the needy
Dr. Bendangsenla Ao also dwelt on the need for setting up of ‘poor patients’ fund’ in the hospital for giving financial and logistic support to the needy and the poor. Acknowledging the help rendered by various donors in the past, she asserted that society has to be vigilant and giving and join hands for those in need of better healthcare in the district.

Shortage of nursing staffs
It was revealed that DHK at present has only 11 regular nursing staff supported by 8 National Health Mission nurses with no UDA and Matron. Dr. Bendangsenla told The Morung Express that lack of adequate work force is the biggest hurdle DHK is facing. Moreover, the task becomes more difficult with the inauguration of the new 50 bedded district hospital. “There is an urgent need to employ more nursing staff as most often handful of nursing staff working round the clock to provide good healthcare get stress out,” she stressed on this.

Make concession in GNM,
ANM entrance exam

Dr. Bendangsenla suggested government need to make a concession in General Nursing Midwifery (GNM) and Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM) entrance exam for students from Kiphire and eastern region. She pointed out that every year many students from Kiphire sit for the exam however, they are unable to crack the exam.
“Shortage of nursing staff can be addressed if at least 2-3 students from Kiphire are given opportunity to take up nursing course every year, that will mitigate the shortage of nursing staff within few years or else the problem will continue to persist even in years to come,” she said.

Health a joint venture
Meanwhile, giving all credit to the hard working staffs of DHK on been conferred the cleanliness award, Dr. Bendangsenla said the award money will be judiciously used for the upgrade medical facilities in the hospital.
She also appealed the public, NGOs of Kiphire to extend help, and cooperation towards DHK like in the past in keeping the hospital environment clean and robust so that next year DHK will fight for the first position.