Happy New Year…


Dr. Asangba Tzüdir

Will it be a ‘New’ Year or simply a
switch over to another calendar year?


The old year has passed by and behold a new year is here. Often, in our fancy thoughts, we may visualize a fairy tale like changes where the ‘fairy tale world’ gets transformed entirely to sparkling newness at the swish of the witches’ magic wand. But the reality is that the ‘pot holes’ are still present.


But in context, this year is going to be very crucial. In the light of Naga reconciliation, Naga Day is proposed to be celebrated on 10th January starting this year and is waited with much ‘anticipation.’ But the real challenge is whether Nagas are ready and willing to come together in the real spirit of reconciliation.


The next month then comes the State General Assembly election, the result of which is going to define the outcome for the next 5 years. And this once again begs the question – What will the people of Nagaland vote for? In the face of ‘truth’ versus corruption, this election is going to be a litmus test for truth. Will it be ‘new wine in a new bottle’ or will the shouts and prayers for change get swallowed by corruption. But, another chance is here to redeem ourselves by redefining the Nagaland of our dreams.


To make this New Year meaningful and also to give direction to the coming events, it requires pursuing truth and also the ‘will’ and the courage to speak the truth. When Jesus said, “I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth,” Pilate said unto Jesus, “What is truth.” Pilate’s reply sounds satirical but it is also a reflection of the absence of truth and therefore he did not know what truth was. The context of this truth question has changed today. People know the ‘truth’ but are scared to speak the truth.


Thus, one way of giving meaning to this New Year is by way of reconciling with truth, because the present Naga condition is such that it seems to have forgotten how to speak the truth and as such, truth lies knowingly concealed. In order to reconcile with truth, it requires a new heart that sincerely addresses one’s ‘truth factor.’


Having said so, but if Nagaland and the people in it are not prepared to face the truth and more so, to speak the truth, then the change for better from the present condition will not happen and this New Year will be nothing but simply a switch over to another calendar year.


Therefore, to make this New Year meaningful it demands for starting the New Year with a new heart, a truth reconciled heart that has the ‘will’ to speak the truth no matter what. If so, this will be the beginning of unfolding of a ‘NEW’ Year.


Let us begin this New Year with a pledge to speak the truth.


(Dr. Asangba Tzudir writes a weekly guest editorial to the Morung Express. Comments can be mailed to asangtz@gmail.com)