Tialila Kikon


there’s an invisible elephant
inside my daughter’s classroom
trying to crush her spirits low
there’s a snake slithering
around my daughter’s classroom
trying to swallow her self-esteem
I can hear it in her voice
I can see it in her eyes
I can feel it in her sigh
the pain of being unpalatable in
the sore eyes of a teacher
for silly or no reasons at all
to be humiliated, to be pushed aside
to be butted now and then with sarcasm
just because she isn’t as plump and rosy
but how strong she is within
just because she doesn’t speak a particular tongue
but she speaks the language of love and respect
and even though she tells me it’s all fine
’tis unacceptably distasteful when the one
who wears the noblest garb behaves unworthy
unbecoming teacher, what equality you teach
how sad! you nurture tomorrow
with your unhealthy mind
your light you dim with bias and prejudice
look at the sun, look at the moon high up in the sky
how they light upon every life, beautiful fairness
happy teachers’ day, anyway
to my daughter’s classmistress.