Mon Chamber of Commerce & Industry issues directives

Shops asked to put up Christmas decorations before Dec 11, not to pay any donation

Mon, December 6 (MExN): Mon Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) has notified to all the business establishments in Mon Town to put up Christmas decorations in their respective shops before December 11. At the same time, it asked all the shopkeepers to keep the shops neat and clean.


A press release from MCCI president, Ünok SN and general secretary, Kamnyi Konyak further informed all the business establishments in Mon headquarters not to pay any donation in the name of Christmas programme. They were asked to report immediately to the MCCI office or Police Station, Mon if any person is forcing donation, demand, or extortion.


MCCI also banned selling fire crackers in the shops as per the order from Government of India and Government of Nagaland through Administration, Mon. If anybody is found selling the same, then MCCI will not be responsible, the release added.


A separate press release from MCCI informed that the Chamber held its general meeting on December 1 and appointed new office bearers for the tenure 2017-2020 headed by Ünok SN as president.


The meeting resolved that any taxation shall be concerned with Konyak Union and Administration. All the shops and business establishments under Mon Town should be registered under MCCI by virtue of paying the annual membership fees under the following categories: Rs. 300/-, Rs. 200/-, and Rs. 100/-, the meeting decided.


It further resolved against sale of expired goods in the market, warning that action will be taken seriously against anybody found selling expired goods.


Meanwhile, MCCI in the meeting decided that checking are not allowed in the market without the knowledge of MCCI and administration. The Chamber also resolved to have an annual meeting every year.


A decision was also made that the office bearers of the Mon Chamber of Commerce & Industry should comprise of at least 50% from business community and entrepreneurs, and the remaining post can be filled by active locals who are well aware of local problems and situations, the release said.