My Vote My Choice


Arunachal Pradesh

It is reported that in 2013 election, the candidate distributed Rs 940 crores to the people of Nagaland. This is evident from the massive private building construction specially in Kohima and Dimapur. So the 60 elected legislators did not develop their constituencies. They tried to recover their expenditure for 2 years. Another 2 years they accumulated money for 2018 election. So they hardly got only one year to visit and see the plight of the people and so could not do much infrastructure development.


During the last five years Rural Development Department spent Rs 1000 crores, Food and Civil supplies spent 402 Crores, Planning & Coordination spent 100 crores, Police Department spent 1000 Crores etc. All these were paper development and so the vigilance department could not investigate any case.


So therefore the people of Nagaland knows that all the money are in the hands of the 60 elected legislators, retired government officials who are going to contest this time. During the last five years there is no visible infrastructure development, no improvement in the water supply and electricity supply.


I have heard that it is very easy to win the election in 27 Mokokchung Town Constituency because the electorates are only little more than 5000. Therefore even if the candidate distribute Rs 1 lakh each to the 5000 voters it will amount to Rs 5 crore only. Suppose there are four candidates and each candidate distribute Rs 5 crores each it will be only 20 crore which is Rs 60 crores less than Rs 80 crores spent in the development of cricket ground in Sovima where there is no generator worth Rs 75 lakhs and no digital score board.


Lastly, all the people of Nagaland are happy because they are going to get their money during the election which has been accumulated by the above mentioned money giants. So in one way, it is not wrong to accept public money which were in the hands of the above mentioned money giants. My advice is take public money from the above mentioned money giants but don’t take money from the new candidates but vote for them because they are not yet corrupted by the sin to love money. People say they will accept all the public money and will not go to Kohima for the next five years to meet their elected legislators because they will not allow to enter their office or bungalow. So let the people of Nagaland follow clean election message. ONE MAN ONE VOTE. MY VOTE MY CHOICE.