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The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland and beyond. The blog is not owned by any individual, nor is it affiliated to or associated with any political party or religion. The only movement it hopes to stir is the one raised by the voices of the Nagas every step of the way, amassing perhaps to mass consciousness one day.

Yanpvuo Kikon: Took a BITE of this super amazing Made in Nagaland Banana chips and BaaaaM! Came a moment of epiphany where I foresee an INDUSTRY flourishing in the near future!

When we were kids, South Indian Banana chips were a BIG HIT! Even in Pune, my friends crave for banana chips which is in fact VERY EXPENSIVE compared to other snacks! Today, I took a bite of this Banana Chips which was available in Star Mart and after finishing the packet, I thought to myself "South India, YOU HAVE SOME COMPETITION FROM NAGALAND."

"No one can eat just one? It was more like No one can eat just Once." There was no address or details given in the label so I inquired with Star Mart and got the news that some Chakesang Village produces it! WELL, I think they need to step up the game go for funding/investment - MASS PRODUCE! It is 100% guaranteed superhit stuff!
Also countries like Mauritius exports not only banana chips in Europe but also flowers and banana leaves. The company called Mabon Foods, exports two tons of chips month in Germany, France, England and La Réunion!

Another example, The Kochi(South India) based Groves Ltd entered the branded banana and are exported to Gulf countries and US. The demand is very high for banana chips but now the problem is the scarcity in raw material. So they are now liaising with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Avinashilingam University to develop good-quality bananas that can be grown round the year!

Food industry in Nagaland is something which is looking VERY PROMISING! The meat products made in Nagaland by companies like JEMEEZ of TJFoods is better than the other imported sausages we get in the market! Right now, am sipping this Nagaland made Green Tea from Amonar Tea which is truly a product of International standards. I kept coming across Ads and banners with Amonar but never realised until last week that it was a Nagaland branded Rare Hand crafted Tea!  Besides this, the MEAT PICKLES are becoming synonymous with Naga Food. Meat Pickles FLY OFF the shelves and we have so many companies producing these but will look forward to something which will be Packaged, Branded and Marketed in the lines of TJFoods, Amonar, Organic Naga, Honey and others. When outsiders/tourists come to Nagaland, the first thing they ask is, “What are the Nagaland food products that I can buy and take it home for my wife and children?” Thank God, we Nagas now have at least a few indigenous branded food products!

I am pretty sure there are dozens of other Food Processing units run by creative new age entrepreneurs who will soon define a niche and set a standard for our very own food industry which I am sure will save our miserable economy & GSDP from crumbling and also provide immense employment opportunities to our youth! And to the UG's – If you truly care about Nagas – Then instead of destroying our Naga Dreams, Encourage and Help our Youth build our broken dreams to live in a progressive and prosperous Nagaland! Cheers to the dawn of the new Naga entrepreneurs! A bright Future awaits, so till then DRINK LOCAL, EAT LOCAL, THINK GLOBAL!
Khosheta Rhakho: It come from losami village,phek district. Need suggestion for improvement and production.

Saji Manuel: Our tourism department may be able to help local entrepreneurs by way of adding their produces/ brands in their ads for Hornbill etc. for individuals it will be too expensive for an ad campaign to reach masses.

The Human Value
in Rupees

Khasuho Kezo: An average estimate of the price of being a Human Being at 20 years.
Let us take the value of Rupee as constant.
1. Daily bread- 100 rs.
100 x 365 x 20= 7,30,000.
2. Yearly Clothing- Pant= 1000 + shirt = 600 + shoes =1400 + socks = 100 + underwear = 200 + Sweater = 1600
4900 x 20 = 98,000.
3. Yearly Education- Admission = 3000 + Books = 1500 + Uniforms = 1500 + tuition fee= 6000.
12,000 x 20 = 2,40,000.
4. Personal hygiene- soap = 40 + toothpaste = 30 + creams = 100 +oil = 50 + perfumes = 50 (monthly) + toothbrush (2x yearly) = 80.
270 x 12= 3240 + 80= 3320
3320 x 20= 66,400
5. Yearly Medical fees= 2000.
2000 x 20= 40,000.
6. Housing = 10,000 yearly.
10,000 x 20= 2,00,000.
7. Wants (toys and other gadgets) = 500 yearly.
500 x 20= 10,000.
8. Daily pocket money = 5
5 x 365 x 20= 36,500.
9. Miscellaneous yearly addition for the past 10 years(Travelling, cable fees, phone fees, news paper fees, novels, etc.)= 10,000
10,000 x 10= 1,00,000.
10. Value of your body at 20yrs (Head= 10lakhs + torso= 5lakhs + below waist= 3lakhs) = 18lakhs (just consider it like this for now though priceless).
11. Value of knowledge, wisdom, experiences, skills, etc. you acquired in 20 years = 10lakhs (just consider it like this for now though priceless).
12. Value of parents love and care through emotions and affections, encouragements, lessons, etc, you received in 20 yrs= 20lakhs (just consider it like this for now though priceless).
13. Family, relatives, friends, etc, etc= 40lakhs (Just consider it like this for now though priceless).
14. And lots more but let’s just stop there.
Total= 103,20,900 (One hundred three Lakh twenty thousand nine hundred only)
Double that if you are 30, triple it if 40, and on.
Now that’s hard to afford! You are worth to be treasured! And this is just the LEAST. If you don’t believe just do the math yourself, you will find yourself too much more than this. You are an invaluable asset. You ought to thank your parents and God incredibly and infinitely because all these are provided by them.
Therefore, no one is worthy to be mocked, discriminated, abused, assaulted, raped or murdered. 

(The Naga Blog was  created in 2008  by Yanpvuo Kikon. This  column in The Morung  Express will be a weekly feature  every Saturday)