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Resolutions passed by FNR, Apex Naga orgs

Forum for Naga Reconciliation


On Monday, November 27, 2017, FNR and the Apex Naga Organizations, consisting of 24 organizations met at Chumukedima, Nagaland, and resolved the following:


Resolution 1NAGA DAY


AFFIRMED the “Naga Day” slated to be held on January 10, 2018, in Kohima and,


CALLS upon all Nagas and her neighbors to participate fervently and for this, each organization will initiate a wide participation of its constituent citizens.


RECOMMENDS that free will donation for the Naga Day shall be encouraged from all well wishers and organizations.


APPLAUDS and APPRECIATES the Angami Public Organization (APO) for showing magnanimity to host the Naga Day.




ACKNOWLEDGES and WELCOMES the positive actions initiated by the Government of India towards an inclusive route to the Naga political aspiration and,


URGES the concerned Government to take all Naga political stake holders on board for an amicable and abiding solution and earnestly,


CALLS upon the Government of India to intently complete the Naga political cause without further delay, before the general election in the state of Nagaland.




COMMENDS all organizations for the tireless efforts and sacrifices rendered, in the interest of peace and reconciliation of Naga political aspiration.


ENCOURAGES churches and organizations to commit themselves to prayers and work together as agents of healing and reconciliation towards a lasting peace.