ROLE REVERSAL: Students become teachers for one day

ROLE REVERSAL: Students become teachers for one day

GHSS Bhandari conduct innovative student-teacher programme to lead towards better learning outcomes


Bhandari, July 6 (MExN): An innovative student-teacher programme was conducted at Government Higher Secondary School, Bhandari on July 5 where students from class 12 took over the responsibilities of the school administration for one day. Under the leadership of Student Principal, Susanna Kikon and Student Vice-Principal, Abeno Murry, the student teachers discharged the normal duties of Post Graduate Teachers of the school starting from conducting morning assembly to class room teaching.


Student Principal Susanna stated that she was excited with the privilege of acting as the Principal of the school for a day and this helped a lot to raise her confidence level and created an urge of achieving more in her life. Student Vice Principal Abeno stated that she realized the importance of team work for the successful functioning of a school and also the vital role played by a Vice Principal in the day to day activities of the school. The student teachers stated that they realized that teaching is not an easy job and it required lot of preparations and patient to make the students understand the subject matter.


Student teacher Angely stated that now only she realized how teachers feel when students are not giving attention to their teaching in class room and another student teacher stated that he now understood that sharing of knowledge with friends makes him learn more and this would help to do better in the examinations and also in life. One student teacher expressed that this programme made her to regret for few of her behaviors in the past and stated that from now onwards she will be more responsible and try her best to learn well for a better future.


Student teacher Penchilo now she feels that her spirit has enlightened a lot and paved way for a new life. Student teacher Sharon stated that the programme inspired her a lot and the interaction she had with the students in the class room made her to realize the importance of taking active participation in class room teaching learning activities.


Student teacher Chumcahno also stated that she experienced the importance of responding to questions asked by teachers in the class room. Student teachers Daniel, Zubenthung, Maho, Mhabeni, Secelia and Loyibeni stated that the experience they gained from this programme would help them to concentrate in studies sincerely in the future.


It was stated in a press release that performances of the Student Teachers were assessed by the Principal of the school B Nellayappan and the Academic and Career Guidance Cell Coordinator Dr Sunepsungla. Loybeni Jami was adjudged as the Best Student Teacher of GHSS Bhandari.


All the student teachers have expressed their gratitude to the Principal and Teachers for organizing the innovative programme and thanked all the students for the sincere co-operation extended by them. The Principal of the school expressed confidence that this programme would help students build better rapport with the teachers and thus would lead towards better learning outcomes.