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Kohima | May 19
The Southern Angami Tata Sumo Union (SATSU) has put a restriction on taxis plying between Kohima and Mao area after the alleged failure of the taxi bodies of Mao and Senapati to respond to an agreement.


Nozosal Zhotso, President of SATSU mentioned that the issue has a long complicated history dating back to 2010 when a Southern Angami driver was harassed in Senapati. Following this, an agreement was made among the taxi bodies of Senapati, Mao and Southern Angami in July, 2010 that in case of any harassment or problem arising in future, each unit will provide security to the other.


Further, it was also agreed that the Mao taxis and Southern Angami taxis will ply from Dimapur to Mao Gate on first come first basis. However, the agreement also mentioned that the Mao taxis will not ply from Kohima to Mao Gate since it is the only lifeline for Southern Angami taxi drivers, it was informed. “With the rise in unemployment, many Southern Angamis taxi drivers are dependent on this route for their livelihood,” said Zhotso.


However, after the Dzükou imbroglio between the Southern Angamis and Maos, Zhotso claimed, “Mao Taxi drivers, taking advantage of the conflict started plying and taking passengers from Kohima to Mao.” During the conflict, the Southern Angami Taxis had stopped plying in the route for months, however Zhotso claimed that the Mao taxis have been plying.


In order to settle the issue, SATSU convened a meeting on April 27, 2017 with the Senapati Taxi Unit and Mao Taxi Unit, where the SATSU reiterated the 2010 agreement and appealed to the other units to abide by the agreement, or choose to ply in its own respective states, SATSU president said. However, a proper decision could not be taken because both Presidents of the Senapati and Mao units could not turn up, he added. “We waited till April 29 for their decision, but they did not give any response,” said Zhotso, who mentioned that the restriction has been going on for two weeks now, where representatives of SATSU are checking at Khuzama Check gate. “And later, instead of approaching us, they demanded for a meeting. But we felt that they should approach us because they are at fault. And instead of admitting their mistake, they blamed us.”


Meanwhile, Zhotso clarified that SATSU is not harassing the public and that passengers are permitted to travel but Mao taxis are not allowed. He also mentioned that the complication arose because many of the Mao private vehicles are used as taxis, which also led them to restrict all private vehicles carrying passengers.


Will not let restriction sour relations: CMO

Kohima, May 19 (MExN): The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) today asserted that the NPF led DAN government will not let the issue of restriction on taxis from Mao by Southern Angami Tata Sumo Union sour relations between the two traditional neighbours (Nagaland and Manipur), especially now that there is friendly/alliance governments in the two states.


A press release from CMO Media Cell stated “the differences that were there between the communities in the recent past were creations of politically vested interests, fueled by political leaders for their own selfish gains. But the present dispensations in the two states are determined that cordial relations shall be maintained.”


It reminded that during the recent Imphal visit, Chief Ministers of both the states discussed on mutual benefit and improvement of relations between the two neighbouring states.


“Government of Manipur under the new political dispensation is reaching out not only to the peoples of the hills districts of Manipur but also to the neighbouring State of Nagaland. And the Government of Nagaland is politically determined to reciprocate the kind gestures and ensure peaceful, neighbourly and harmonious relation between the neighbouring people irrespective of territorial and administrative demarcation like the peoples have maintained since time immemorial,” it added.


Mao Town Committee laments restriction


Mao, May 19 (MExN): Mao Town Committee has lamented that the restriction imposed by Southern Angami Tata Sumo Union (SATSU) volunteers on Zonal Taxi plying from Senapati to Dimapur and Mao to Dimapur/Kohima since May 8 has been causing serious inconveniences to the commuters coming from and going to Manipur and Nagaland respectively. “The restriction was imposed without any prior public notification or valid reason,” the Committee alleged in a press release. Therefore, it has appealed to the authorities/union concerned to “show empathy to the innocent commuters and solve this issue amicably for a conducive co-existence.”

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