Sexist society

New Year started with disrupting image and news of mass molestation of women on the eve of New Year celebration in an advanced city like Bengaluru but what was more shocking and unfortunate was the statement given by some lawmakers putting the blame upon the victim( women) instead of condemning and taking swift action against the culprits.


Such attitude and statements is just the tip of the iceberg of our sexist society. Though we have made rapid stride in almost every field , sadly it’s on the issue of “Gender equality” we are progressing at a tortoise phase. Our attitude towards women is still in its medieval state of mind which is further aggravated by some abusive religious practices , customs and traditions . if we look generally one can find that from time immorable religious practices ,customs and  tradition of the society has always been tilted towards men and unfortunately leading to exploitation and discrimination of women . In one of the Radio programme on “women exploitation” one of the guest had said that sex is no doubt created by God but gender stereotype is manmade and its this gender biasness which is the root cause of women exploitation.


No matter how advanced our society may become if people mindset remain stagnant such society will not have the “soul” of a real society and one cannot claimed to be a civilised society when we keep on pointing fingers upon the victims (women) instead of standing up for them. One is called a gentlemen not because of one’s dress, money or muscles but because of the respect that we show towards our other sex and such attitudes need to be promoted among our younger generations instead of intentional or unintentionally promotion of male chauvinism based on our of our narrow gender biasness .


As we are quick to copycat, especially the wrong trends that happens around the world , hope our society will stand up for our women folk if such unhumanly and pervert practices take place and protect the dignity, pride and honour of our women folk and give them the due respect which is long overdue and this will happen only if we start retrospecting some of  the stereotype gender biasness that we are long being promoting with pride in the name of religion, custom and traditions which unfortunately is leading to discrimination and humiliation of women . Its high time that we do away with the tag “it’s a man’s world” and start promoting “its a Human Being world”.


Moameren Pongen
Research scholar
Nagaland University