UNC reiterates ‘August 23 Joint Declaration’

Cautions Naga MLAs and Ministers in ‘South Nagalim’ against attending or participating in ‘assembly’ and meetings convened by ‘adversaries of the Nagas’


Newmai News Network

Senapati |September 2


The United Naga Council (UNC) said today that it “once again” cautioned the Naga MLAs and Ministers in “South Nagalim” not to attend or participate in “assembly” and meetings convened by “adversaries of the Nagas”.


The UNC said that any of the Naga MLAs and Ministers in “South Nagalim” defying this declaration will be termed as “anti-national.”


According to the UNC, it is reiterating the “August 23 Declaration” made in Senapati.


Gaidon Kamei, President of UNC, and S Milan, General Secretary of UNC, said today that the Naga people will not tolerate Naga MLAs and Naga ministers in “south Nagalim going against the Naga peace process and Naga political solution.” The UNC also said that it is “fully convinced that the challenges being faced by the Nagas in Manipur is very peculiar and anomalous in situation”.


The UNC leaders then appealed the Naga people not to misconstrue the “true spirit of the August 23 Joint Declaration”.


It can be mentioned here that, on August 23, after a “joint review meeting on the Indo-Naga peace process”, the participants of the meeting had made the declaration. In that review meeting the participants had also “expressed unhappiness on the delay in finalizing the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM”. The meeting had also urged the negotiating parties to settle the issue on time bound manner.