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Weather based integrated agro advisory for the month of Dec 2019

Agro Met Field Unit

ICAR, Jharnapani. Medziphema     


Crop Advisories

•    During this month, prune and destroy severely affected twigs of citrus with scales and borer there by preventing build up of population in orchard.

•    Collection and destruction of fallen fruits minimizes the infestation of fruit fly.

•    For mustard during the flowering stage, timely destroy aphid infesting twigs at the initial stage of appearance, collect and destroy the gregarious phase larvae.

General mechanical practices for management of pest and diseases - 

•    Remove and destroy the egg masses, larvae, pupae and adults of insect pests and diseased parts of plants wherever possible.

•    Use of light traps and destruction of trapped insects.

•    Install of bird perchers in the field for allowing birds to sit and feed on insects and their immature stages viz., eggs, larvae and pupae.

•    Use of pheromone traps for monitoring and suppression of pest population.

Livestock Advisories


•    Find out what diseases are prevalent in your area and arrange for vaccination and treatment if necessary.

•    Screen animals for nasal discharge, wound and injuries regularly and the services of veterinary doctor be taken for treatment.

•    To optimize production of poultry, proper sanitation and hygiene should be maintained, all movable equipments like feeders, waterers should be cleaned and disinfected periodically, litters are to be scraped and removed.

•    Birds require adequate space, sufficient feed to meet their nutritional requirements, and an adequate supply of good-quality water. Farmers must be able to recognize disease and treat it as soon as possible.

•    Protect poultry birds from cold winds by hanging curtain/clothing from outside the poultry shed. Use of electric bulbs for heat is advisable.



•    As the weather gets colder, your pigs’ energy requirement will increase, as they need more energy to keep warm.  Regularly monitor their level of ‘fitness’ and increase their feed intake to maintain. 

•    Depending on number of pigs farmers should regularly clean pens. Farmers should be aware about the symptoms of diseases, like no interest in food, diarrhoea, eye discharge, excessive coughing, hernia, dry skin and irregular spots on skin, excessively long hair, back bone showing etc.

•    Provide protein and energy rich ration and ad libitum clean drinking water.

•    Pregnant sows should be dewormed with  Panacur (Fenbendazole) which is pregnancy safe anthelmintic. 

•    To protect piglet anemia in newly born piglets provide iron dextran injection on 4th or 14th day after birth or alternately provide ferrous sulphate powder for 14 days.


•    Partial harvesting should be done taking due care not to injure the fish. If the water level declines drastically, complete harvesting should be done. 

•    If there is sufficient water, continue feeding @ 16 kg/day/ha. 

•    Discourage entry of birds and other animals into the pond. 

•    Continue the procedure of previous month. 

•    Diseased or injured fish should be dipped in 1 mg/lt Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4 solution for 1 minute and then release into the pond 


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