Year of Water Cannon in Nagaland History :-)

Year of Water Cannon in Nagaland History :-)

Renponi Lotha:

We asked for Salary ….we got water!


We asked for justice …we got water!


What a wonderfully watery watery Govt we do have.


Today’s (December 15) incident was uncalled for and absolutely against our Fundamental Rights. If ACAUT at all wanted to create Unlawful situation then it would have done so from before. In the two days of Signature Campaign when did any of the members do anything illegal that it was always stopped like this. Even holding of banners was objectionable leave apart the distant dream of even holding a stick by any supporters.


When we first assembled with banners, we were stopped and were not allowed to even stand with a banner and only after sticking to our Rights we were allowed to carry on the campaign until dark where we all assembled and listened to songs, speeches etc. The security personnel didn’t have any problem or disturbance after that and the first day ended well with all of us hearing the same song and even sharing words to each other as social beings. The second day of Signature Campaign which was held at the same venue as day one i,e. at a private property petrol pump, and we were stopped on the second day also. Without any disturbance caused on the first day by the supporters nor with any reason to stop us we were stopped again but we stood on our Right and we could carry on the campaign for the second day also peacefully without even an inch of disturbance to any authorities. The only headache and unnecessary wastage of energy was while having to assert for our Rights to carry the Signature Campaign.


Today also it was supposed to be a peaceful rally with participants mostly mothers clad in traditional dresses along with the churches. What started with a prayer ended with tear gas and water cannon.


With no place to even hold a banner peacefully and with no place to even hold a peaceful rally, I felt as if we were the killers, thieves etc instead of being the law abiding citizens who wanted law and order to prevail in the state.


When God Himself does not stop but tells us to speak the truth, why are we not allowed to speak the truth and demand Justice also. Are we really going to live in such a society?


Today’s curfew was imposed taking into care the festive season. So glad that although Good Governance Day on Christmas will exist yet peaceful rally in Festive Season will affect Dec 25 more right?


What complaint are some people posing about the inconvenience of Bandh in Christmas season for a day?


I tell you Christ will be happier if you stand for truth and justice and will stop buying stolen goods again like fools. Instead of spending on dress, crackers, wine, decorations, feast etc to celebrate Christmas and complaining about Bandh for not being able to avail those things… why not pray on the day of the Bandh for a True Christmas spirit to pour on the Nagas?


In what manner is water cannon justified to non-payment of salary?


In what manner were the teachers who assembled peacefully to demand our rights deserved to be shut and pressurized like this with water hitting even to the mothers carrying Kids?


People sitting behind the screen without coming close judge very easily and put all kinds of judgement on them and make ACAUT issue Their issue and not their issue!


What ACAUT is fighting for is a social issue and not a personal issue that you guys leave social issue as ACAUT’s personal issue. Please change this mindset and with prayers come forward to change our future. We are in need of prayers and action to change our land and our future. Support ACAUT…. they are fighting for all of us. Pray for them, guide them, correct them, cooperate with them,help them but please don’t demoralize them for if ACAUT ever gets demoralized it is the loss of the common Nagas. Where do we ever see a leader like Sir Khekiye Sema who stands alone all odds of tear gas and water cannon till the last for his love for the society? He is a 70 years old man and it is indeed shameful that 17-47 years old people stay at home and type all kinds of hopeless and shameless allegations on his passion.


Many people of different organizations were awaiting ACAUT to approach them for the rally and all. Why wait for invitation as if it is ACAUT’s wedding? One should have participated voluntarily with a burning heart as though it was State Funeral. High time we Nagas shed our ego, tribalism, laziness, ignorance and indifference. We are the last of the cursed generation that was blinded by corruption. If you and I as younger generation stand for Truth and Justice then I tell you we will usher in a new Generation that is blessed, Blessed by our Father above. The land of Head Hunters once upon a time has now become a land of diluted slaves. Time to reform Nagaland! Time to reform Nagaland.


And YES! I feel proud and blessed to be holding the banners of the two incidents where we were sprayed with water cannon. We were DRENCHED WITH WATER BUT YOU ARE CURSED WITH OUR TEARS!



Proud to be a NAGA Girl


Akhrie Kiewhuo:

We met this major accident just days ago where few of us travelling by our college bus hit a smaller vehicle (ECO).


The swat was so hard that our bus travelling at the right lane of the road turned left, while we students were still shocked at the strong jerk, to my astonishment our bus was never stopping. It was about to go right down the sloppy area. The only sentence i could use at that point of time was coming Face-to-face-with-death. On seeing this, all male students started shouting “Let the girls get down first”


But luckily our bus never collided it was stopped by a tree.


And now recollecting all the things that happened that very night has left me with trauma but still thinking of the male students who never cared for their life and considered the life of women their first priority makes me respect Naga men even more.




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