65th AKM Conference at Ungma concludes

Ungma, January 21 (MExN): The 65th Ao Kaketshir Mungdang at Ungma village today concluded in a grand manner with a new team of office bearers selected to lead the Conference for the next three years. Thousands of people from the village and Mokokchung town thronged at Ungma village to witness the valedictory function this evening which was graced by Chairman NIDC & NHL, Nuklotoshi.
Speaking at the function the special guest, Nuklotoshi advised the youths not to live their lives casually, otherwise they will never be able to catch up with the rest of the world. Saying that the world is going for an economic driven sovereignty, he said that it is up to the youths to find their own ways and means, since parents just there to facilitate them to achieve their aims. Saying that the Aos were the first to receive Christianity as well as education amongst the Nagas, Nuklotoshi encouraged the youths to be leaders not some mere followers.
The NSF President Mutsikhoyo Yhobu who also spoke at the function exhorted the gathering, and wished the new AKM office bearers to lead the organization in the right perspective. Asking the Aos to take the responsibility of leading the Nagas, Yhobu asserted that Nagas are one and appealed to maintain the spirit of brotherhood among the Nagas. Asserting that one part of the Nagas are fighting for the Nagas, while some are fighting for divide the Nagas, Yhobu urged the AKM to lead in reaching out to the people who are not as left behind the other Naga tribes.  
Meanwhile, the results of various competitions during the conference were announced and the prizes were given away by the MLA. The following are winners in various categories of competition:

1st –  Arenlila OKM
2nd – Merensangba AKTM
3rd – Imliben Lemtur Dimapur Ao Students

Extempore Speech
1st – Limatemsu Aier AKTM
2nd – Merensangla LKM
3rd – Temjennungla Chumukedima Ao Students