Accident Road: Speed breakers needed at Tajen Ao Road

Atoli Achumi 
Middle Point Colony, Dimapur

To check the frequent occurrences of road accidents at one of the most accident prone area of Dimapur, the Tajen Ao Road, formerly known as the Circular Road, which stretches from the clock tower point to the DC court junction, it has become very necessary to install visible speed breakers on this road. Accidents have become a daily sight here at any given day and mostly during nights by young reckless drivers driving at a roughneck speed and are endangering other drivers as well as pedestrians are increasing rapidly day by day. With no speed limit on the road, every trucker, private car owner as well as two wheelers is using this stretch as a race course. Some to thrill themselves, some to egoistically show off their driving skills while some just driving on like they are hurry on their way to hell. The Poor DMC, PWD or Urban Development, or whoever may be the one, are left to repair the road dividers damaged by these speeding young daredevils every now and then. Shattered glass pieces from car windshields, screeching marks, bended iron bars on the road dividers are not a new sight on this stretch. 

Few weeks back, three vehicles collided near the Notun Basti junction where one of them turned turtle and some even got serious injuries. Just about a month back too, two siblings on an early morning walk was run over by a speeding Bolero where the younger sibling, a female was reportedly hospitalized sustaining facial and other bodily injuries too. The sight of speeding vehicles after twilight hours is sure to give any normal human some hair raising feeling if you happen to walk here and witness it. During the early morning hours, the sound and sight of dumper trucks and carrier trucks speeding can give any people run to the corner for safety. If these speeding trucks ram into any sideway buildings where this area is a mixture of both residential as well as an upcoming commercial area, the fatalities will be high. It will be difficult for anyone to survive if these speeding hell raisers run over. All this evoke in one’s mind of a roadside milestone on way to Kohima ‘Drive like a hell and soon you will be there’. Need to remind these reckless drivers who not only endanger themselves but everyone’s life too. As residents cannot build unauthorized speed breakers without the approval from authorities, they should do the needful before more fatalities happen in this area. 

Residents of the area too should appeal for the same and seek for mandatory permissions from the authorities to make our roads safer.