Curse- what is it?

Atongla Rothrong

The word ‘curse’ simply means the withdrawal of all Gods’ goodness and blessings from one who has turned away from God. In other words, it points to the repercussions or ill-effects of breaking one’s covenant with God. God’s presence and His fullness leave the victim gradually from the time he ceases to abide in Him and transgresses the spiritual law or principles whereby he was able to draw life, strength, power, grace etc. from the infinite resources of God.

If Jesus came to redeem us from the curse of the law, and from the punishments or chastisements and He has destroyed Satan and his works on the cross, taking upon himself our sins and sicknesses, will he chastise us with sickness?

When we sin willfully against God, we fall from grace, and bring upon ourselves the curse of the law. We allow sin and its curse to reign over us again.

If God healed the Old testaments’ Saint’s and prophets who were under the curse of the law, whenever they sincerely repented and turned to God, how much more gladly will He heal us if we repent and turn to God!

Can you find even one place in the New Testament when Jesus cursed or chastised a man or woman with sickness; even one instance where He refused to heal someone because his sin was too great to be pardoned; even one note where he needed Satan or sickness to improve the life of His convert; even one place where he found any sickness too hard to heal; even one place He had to say ‘I am sorry, it is not my father’s will to heal you’ or even one place where He said to his disciples or to the Saints, that the curse of sickness was absolutely essential for their sanctification?

He loves us, He “was made a curse” for you and for me that we may be partakers of all spiritual and physical blessings. Further, it is clear that, the chastisement (stripes) of our peace was upon Him. Just see how much He was cursed and chastised for our iniquities in order that we might be completely liberated from sin and sickness. He was ‘despised’, ‘stricken’, ‘smitten’, ‘afflicted’, ‘tormented’, ‘wounded’, ‘tormented’, ‘bruised’ and chastised on his already wounded body. He was oppressed and finally slaughtered, for our sins.

It is clear that both blessing and curse function on the same principle as curse and effect. When it rains, the ground which is well prepared for a harvest receives a blessing and produces precious fruits, but an uncultivated waste-field produces briers and wild plants. Let us therefore use this illustration to see how some receive rich blessings from God, because they keep their hearts pure and humble, enriched with his precious word and His presence, while others bring upon themselves curses due to their own faults of pride, carelessness, indifference and disobedience. God sets both blessings and curse before man and leaves the choice to them.

Therefore, be sure, curse does not come from God. Be sure about it. It is a counteracting result of forsaking God, disobeying his commandments and willfully neglecting fellowship with him who is our life, strength, power and protection. Unwittingly abandoning ourselves to some strange Gods or devils, walking in the imaginary road of our hearts or the lustful desires of our flesh and mind and satisfying our carnal desires we reap corruption.

Remember, we are born with a purpose; we have a task to fulfill, a promise to claim, a covenant to keep, a battle to fight, a race to run, a prize to win and a fullness of growth to reach in Christ. He knows the exact time to call you Home to be with him. So also we should not be moved by those who have passed away from this world because of some dreadful sickness. Some may have to go through the trial of sickness, but there is no sickness unto death for a child of God.

There is a death which is from the Lord, and this is really precious and blessed, for it is written, “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints” (Psalms 116:15)

For a definite miracle of healing have steadfast faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.