Grace met LOVE

A friend was narrating about how a couple that we know does so much without any media attention or publicity with and through their church. He went on to say about how he was in tears while appreciating them for all that they do. This couple is full of love! I see just and only pure love and grace in them. Their hearts go out to people — all kinds of people and many times, the kind that is often overlooked, oppressed, suppressed and rejected.  

And what I'm writing today is a complete surprise to them. They don't know anything about it. But I know and I feel kindness is what keeps the world afloat, and its significance is so much more when spread out along with the love of Christ, which is why I want them to be known and talked of as the big love and care givers they are.

Kevi and Visasier Kevichüsa are the Pastors of Kingdom Culture Church, formerly known as Kingdom Culture Project. Four years old and raising up an ever-growing army of young people for the Lord. Their small but Sunday congregation won't really wow you if you're about the numbers, but the love and joy seen and felt and given out by each of them is immeasurable. It is beyond amazing how much we can love simply as human beings. Love is powerful and right here is where it is proven true and so tangibly; and when you know love is powerful and you've seen and tasted it and known it to be good, it only makes sense to share it around.  

Kingdom Culture Church takes food to the homeless at the railway station, Dimapur; weekly, on their Tuesday Outreach. What started as a step towards city transformation, an aim that dwells richly in their hearts; today, is a weekly activity and a one-step-at-a-time process to fulfilling the dream and desire to turn the Outreach into a food truck where these people who are often ignored and rejected get at the least, one square meal daily! Tuesday Outreach brings in what they call Feeding Testimonies — stories about who was fed and what prayer concerns they had and the stories bring in testimonies of people being healed and saved and just receiving love altogether! Now, the Tuesday Outreach won't do without dedicated and passionate people fill with even more compassion! The church leaders themselves volunteer to prepare, cook and pack the food that's to be distributed each Tuesday. Then, they are joined by young people — about thirty, who team up to deliver the packed meals.  

Each of these packed meals goes to the people who are seen lying down and sitting in the corners of the railway station. All Kevi asked the members, on a Sunday I attended church, was to “show up” and be available to give love.  

hat touched me so much was how Kevi spoke about the Outreach, “The good news looks like a plate of food to the hungry, like healing to the diseased, like acceptance to the prostitute...We have started with feeding we want to continue reaching the rest.” The people who receive meals don't just get to eat but get prayed for, and little moments of interaction too — probably the only time they get talked to in the week or in every few days.  

As I met some of them for the very first time, the way their faces lit up and the way they shoot their “Hey! I know you” smiles made my heart so happy! This young Church and these young people are getting through them with love! They're succeeding at it! And when you love people who cannot give anything back to you, besides receiving what you have to offer, gladly and be happy to see you next, that's when you realise how it feels to really love! My heart is so happy for all of them — the Pastors, the leaders, the young people who volunteer. The love that they show, the kindness and grace in which they speak and address the people, is just plainly what Jesus meant when He said “Love your neighbour.”  

The Tuesday Outreach is budgeted around Rs. 900 per feeding for 50-60 packs of food. You can donate too if you'd like. 

Kingdom Culture Church is located at Thongo Enclave, First Floor, Duncan Dimapur and hold their worship services at the Warehouse Hall, second floor, every Sunday at 10:00 AM.