Human peace

The law of human relationship with God which is human ethics towards God, “know God, believe in Him, fear Him, obey Him” through which alone humankind can have relationship with God and through having the right relationship with God alone humankind can have peaceful life and peace with one another because nearest to God is nearest to His perfect characteristics which characterize self-sacrifice for the good of humankind.
This is the only way of overcoming evils in the world and this is the only unconquerable, safe and secure foundation for humankind. The world have no other choice than acknowledging this reality as a universally accepted human ethics towards the Almighty God who created the Heaven and the earth by His infinite life, wisdom, power and goodness to have human peace now and forever.
Let the world acknowledge it for human peace and order as the foundation of human relationship with God and of better relationship among humankind irrespective of races. The world means every individual, family, village, tribe and nation.