Indo-Naga political talks sans integration is ‘futile exercise’

NSCN (IM) terms CM’s statements ‘direct challenge to Naga national cause’

Dimapur, July 1 (MExN): Earlier this year, when Indian Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, commented on the Naga peace process, the NSCN (IM) showed him a line. Now, it has shown the line to Nagaland State Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio, and the Government of India.  

“Who is he to barter the legitimate rights of the Nagas in the open market for personal glory?” asked a miffed NSCN (IM) in a press release issued by its Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP).  

The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, which is currently holding peace talks with the Government of India for a resolution of political issues, was commenting on what it termed “irrational and irresponsible statements on Naga territorial integration” made by the Nagaland State Chief Minister, also calling it “a direct challenge to the Naga national cause.”  

“Who is he trying to please by surrendering the history and the legitimate right of the Nagas?” wondered the NSCN (IM), stating that attempts to “enhance personal political ambition at the expense of the Nagas’ right is a deliberate insult to the Naga people’s sentiment.”  

It affirmed that “Just as there cannot be a kingdom without territory, so the Indo-Naga political talks sans integration of all the contiguous Naga areas will be a futile exercise.”  

Putting a foot down, the NSCN (IM) maintained that “We shall not remain silent spectators against any divisive forces within or without, who tries to betray the Naga cause their history.”  

“It is pertinent to state that Nagas, wherever they are, think and speak as one political language. It is time for the Nagas to be vigilant and alert to distinguish between what is true and false,” cautioned the political organization.  

The “greatest challenge before us today,” the NSCN (IM) acknowledged is “to remain truthful, and committed to the historical decision.”  

“We will stand to the end; we will not compromise our historical rights for one’s positions, power and to please the enemies,” concluded the group.  

The issue of integration

Reminiscing history, the NSCN (IM) noted that the issue of integration of all the Naga territories is “an integral part of the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue.”  

“Naga territories which have been kept apart arbitrarily and indiscriminately by the British in the first place and then further divided between Burma (now Myanmar) and India under Nehru without the knowledge and consent of the Naga people is totally unacceptable.”  

The Framework Agreement between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India was signed “in recognition of the Nagas’ history and situation as unique by the Government of India.”  

“Both the parties agreed and recognized that integration of all the contiguous Naga areas is the legitimate right of the Naga people and it is mutually agreed that it will be pursued through earnest political democratic process,” stated the Ministry.  

Now, after 21 years of negotiations, India and Naga people are prepared to finalize the political dialogue to its logical conclusion and resolve the oldest political problem in the entire South East Asia.  

“At this crucial juncture, any attempt to undermine or disturb the peace process without being able to make head or tail of the negotiation shall no longer be tolerated,” the MIP reiterated.  

A reminder: “Come what may, Nagas will stand our ground to the last. It must be remembered that this hard earned political achievement has come at the cost of untold sufferings and supreme sacrifices rendered by thousands of Naga sons and daughters. No individual or organization is licensed to talk cheaply on the history of our people.”