Is the standard of Nagaland University at par with other Universities in the region?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Nagaland University is recognised as one of the best emerging universities not only in the region but among central universities inspite of administrative inefficiency.

•    Students can compete in any civil service exam

•    Yes, in fact, it is so ‘STANDARD’ that most of the students find it difficult to digest and opts for other, ‘not-so-standard’, universities! NO?

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    No way not even slightly, go around all the three campus … some are without classroom and chairs… it is a disgrace… please stop filling your pockets NU official.

•    I feel that NU has a long way to go before what others have achieved. A mere change in the syllabus does not reflect its efficiency. 

•    NU is not developing because of patronizing attitude by politicians and landowners who do things for their selfish gain. To add to this, NU officials have keep siphoning resources and keep blaming the landowners. If NU should become top class, all these politicians, landowners and officials should mend their ways and first think of the students’ welfare.

•    There is a lot of politics going on beneath the visibility of the public

•    If NU is at par with other universities at least it should appear in the list of universities of India, but NU doesn’t appear at all which means that noboby knows about NU as it is below standard.

•    It lacks the various standards such as proper campus maintenance, proper teaching services....etc and most important it lacks proper channelised administration.

•    How can we compare NU to other Universities when there is plenty of Strikes and demonstration inside the university?

•    No basic facilities

•    In terms of infrastructure, it is yet to come up. The Government of Nagaland should take the initiative to get the MOU settled.

•    No, the NU had not been standard in the region of NEI.

•    Absolutely no, look at criteria of selection of NU site at Lumami totally disconnected from global World. Not a single criteria is fit to be a future HQS, MARKING system, declaration of result, Library facilities etc and many more lacking behind with other universities.

•    What do you hear about NU? Just strike and strike, nothing good have come out from NU. Still long way to go. To bring a change, NU can introduce contemporary courses like robotics, computing, sport technology, music technology, photography, business course, designing (web+media), and lots others. What’s happening with VC? NU need to have a long term goal. Need to re-define (if you got one) strategy in this competitive world. If not NU is too outdated!

•    No way, to much self indulgence with in the NU. Simply ask other University what they think about NU, go to Delhi and try joining DU after you told them that you studied at NU.

•    No, NU is known only for its controversy and nothing else. This is very sad, it means that people are not making the maximum benefit of what it can offer.

•    No, not at all. The Nagaland University has been around on paper for more than 15 years now, but the politics from within does not make it grow. It is the intention of the government to make NU ineffective because a strong university will mean a vibrant intelligentsia.

•    Comparing other universities, NU lacks in everything

Those who said MAYBE had this to say:

•    Maybe or maybe not because college students are hardly aware of Nagaland University due to the fact that Lumami Campus is too far away from town and Kohima Campus is too congested and too near to the town. Moreover the infrastructure for learning resources is not up to the standard. Students are not aware as to which campus offers a particular subject. 

•    NU may not be the worst university in the region, but never the best. The out flowing of the highest graded student to other universities in the region shows the position of NU.

•    Maybe because, the NU which was functioning under the corrupt head of former  VC prof. GD Sharma, already shown the doors, registrar, whose tenure will end soon are the main stumbling block of the NU in past five years. But now with the new VC Prof. K. Kannan in, things will be changed to a new height and right direction.